I was 65kg when I fell pregnant, not 100% happy with my body,and gained 12kg during my pregnancy, making me 77kg at the end. About 5 months after my little man was born I decided enough is enough, I need to do something about my weight, as I’d not lost any, then I found lose baby weight on Facebook!
I loved all the healthy eating recipes, and the Healthy Mummy smoothies, and it has changed my lifestyle habits. If you are ready to lose weight then the Lose Baby Weight plans offer a healthy and safe exercise and diet routine.
Hi Guys, I just wanted share my progress on the Lose Baby Weight pregnancy weight loss plans so far plus share a healthy mummy smoothie recipe I am currently enjoying. Each month, a different mum on the Lose Baby Weight plans will be blogging about their journey, exercise, ups and downs and be here on a daily basis to help motivate YOU and THEMSELVES along the way – and if you want to become our Motivating Mum for one month see here on how you can enter(we pay you for it too!).
And in March Motivating Mum was Linda Hallas who showed us how she lost 32kg on the Lose Baby Weight Plans (not in one month!) and you can see Linda’s motivating posts here.
You can read Janet’s introduction below – and she will be posting daily on our Lose Baby Weight Facebook page and blogging weekly on the website here – GOOD LUCK JANET!! My name is Janet Cook and I am SO excited to be April’s Motivating Mum of the Month for Lose Baby Weight! My weight loss journey actually started in my teens and for the past 12 or so years I always felt overweight. Five months ago I was privileged to give birth to my beautiful son Jensen and he was worth every kilo and stretch mark.
I started following the Lose Baby Weight exercise and recipe tips from the website and managed to lose a few kilos.

I took the 2013 January Weight Loss Challenge and purchased the 28 Day Diet and Exercise Plan. When I saw that Lose Baby Weight  was asking for Motivating Mums to take on a one-month challenge I initially felt unsure that I would be able to stick to it. I had another look over the Lose Baby Weight plans and information on the healthy mummy smoothies and I feel very strongly that with the support and tools from Lose Baby Weight – any of us mums are capable of sticking to these healthy plans with great success. Peer Pressure: Friends or family that encourage or guilt me into eating food just because they have made it or are eating it themselves and don’t want to eat alone, particularly dessert.
I started with Lose Baby Weight at 86kgs, am currently 76.5kgs and this month I want to get as close to 70kilos as possible.
I will achieve this by following the Lose Baby Weight 28 day Meal and Exercise Plan, as well as having the delicious healthy mummy smoothies for lunch every day. I have been so inspired by your stories over the past few months- now I hope you can be inspired by mine! Thank-you for having me as your motivating mum for April- I am SO excited to see what results we have achieved at the end of each week! If you are ready to lose weight then the Lose Baby Weight plans offer a healthy and safe exercise and diet routine and you can get a 10% discount by using code LOYALTY at the checkout. Whether it’s fresh from the deli, in a container from the supermarket, or even if you’ve made your own – ricotta is a versatile cheese that adds creaminess to any recipe. Although losing weight is a challenge in its own, there are some basic rules that always apply. Best of all, it comprises 4 common ingredients – eggs, apples, oats and plenty of green tea.

Losing weight is much easier when you have a support person who is with you every step of the way, encouraging you through the tough times…which is exactly what our The Natural Way consultants do!
You may remember a few weeks ago, I wrote a blog about a 2 year old boy who underwent  dramatic obesity surgery in order to lose weight. I found this article online last week and instantly felt sick:  did you see it?  A two year old boy, who weighed a massive 33kg, underwent obesity surgery and is the youngest person ever to undergo such a procedure.
This has been a constant burden on my shoulders, having never really been successful at losing weight. I started regular walking the week after I came out of hospital but I had no idea how to treat my new body and how to prepare it for both recovery and for feeding my little boy. I lost nearly four kilos that month and it really inspired me to work on my health and fitness with more focus. I will not be embarrassed to tell my friends and family that I am eating healthy to feel good and have more energy for my son and husband. The healthy ingredients in this diet will help you lose weight while supplying your body with the essential nutrients.

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