Cucumber eggs in one popular diet a long time, a friend summed up the fastest using this method to achieve a specific weight loss plan, and within a week she has successfully lost 10 kg, oh. Reminder: The most important is the first week, you can only eat boiled eggs and cucumber, you can eat, but do not hold! From the second week to eat anything else, you can eat some boiled or steamed vegetables and meat as well, but do not put oil. The production of oil-free vegetable soup - a lot of these nutrients in the vegetable soup wanted to drool looking at you, there is obesity, but also so what.
Supplementary motor so that the line can do better if a certain movement, the effect will be better!

1 position with his legs stretched forward, with both hands holding the toes, to the physical direction of Pull. 2, one foot to the inside of the knees bent, hands holding the other foot in the toe, and slowly pulled in the direction to the body by.
3, legs spread open after, about the width of the shoulders, then slowly bend over and try to rear the calf muscles stretch. I lose weight successfully concluded, from 140 to 120 thin, but it seems more than a week to it, because there is no sugar in cucumber, cucumber can also absorb heat, but insisted so hard Oh, you eat later vomiting, to work with , sisters, in order to wear it tomorrow beautiful clothes and slim, muscular body and fight!
The doctors tell us that if your 50 pounds or more over weight your obese, well I had 50 pounds I needed to lose and I didn’t feel like I was obese.

Can drink milk and milk, it is recommended to drink the morning, you can also eat some fruit, except bananas! Over a month later, your stomach is very small, and you will only need to eat a little bread.

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