A chunky Chihuahua who stole Kitkats from its unsuspecting owner will be shedding the pounds in the UK’s ultimate pet-slimming competition. The 14lb dog that has clearly been staring at the mirror and shame-eating for too long, will be up against 13 other pudgy pets that have a combined weight of 46st – the equivalent of a baby elephant. The paunchy seven-year-old, named Tyty, somehow managed to avoid an early grave despite its love for chocolate, which is fatal for dogs. And now the vet charity PDSA plans to put the animal, along with the other corpulent contestants, through their paces. The American bulldogs from Liverpool have been gorging themselves on crumpets, pasta and biscuits. The three-year-old rabbit hates the Blackpool rain so much that it rarely exercises, and now weighs in at 10lbs. But it’s not going to be a big showdown with weight-lifting and relay race categories. Looks like Tyty’s owner will have to find a better hiding place for all those Kitkats.
After a full week of no workouts and eating recklessly, which lead to 900gm weight gain last week, I have successfully managed to not only lose the gained weight, but also 1100gms more this week (total weight loss 2kg (4.4lbs) this week). While I still have a long way to go before I can call myself fit, I have managed to lose 21kgs (46lbs) in a little over 5 and half months, so I guess I am on the right track. Here is a comparison photograph which I took last month, since then I have managed to lose 3.1kgs and would likely be taking another comparison photograph next week. Great thing is, I have been losing all this weight without eating any sort of weight loss supplement or different food, in fact I am eating almost the same food I was eating earlier, with slight reduction in portions and added benefit of exercise. With the above diet, I am trying to eat around 1850 calories a day, of course on some days it is slightly higher and on some, it is lower, but at the end of the week, it generally balances out.

The only thing I focus on apart from getting macro and micro nutrient needs met is that I shouldn’t be feeling weak or hungry all the time. I will post another update in the coming days, till then in case you have any questions or queries, please leave a comment below and I will reply to them soon.
Product ReviewsAverage Rating (1 Review) Monday 28 April, 2014 By James Taylor I bought this dog food for my obese dog and this excellent recipe along with exercise has helped him achieve his ideal weight. The animals are going to be given exercise regimes, dietary advice and receive regularly weigh-ins.
But even then, I try and plan such things out in such a way, that I create enough deficit in rest of my meals to compensate for them.
Because let’s face it, it is as much about getting fit and adopting a healthier lifestyle, as it is about losing weight. Of course if I am not able to do that, I don’t overly fret over it, because let’s face it, every day is a new day and there is no point fretting over past.
So I listen to my body and adjust my diet and workout regime accordingly and don’t force myself to do something, I am not willing to do on a particular day.
Gear up and we are awaiting for more charming and super energetic looks in future…best of luck. Since establishing themselves in the health industry USN have gone from strength to strength and have a range of supplements which are truly irresistible.Whether you end training goal is to add strength and size or weight loss and definition, USN have a range of products which are simply second to none and will help you every step of the way.
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Without it, you simply wouldn’t recover from your workouts or have the capacity to lay down new muscle fibres and grow in size. It really is the building block from which all life forms exist.The problem many individuals face is that they simply can’t get enough protein without their daily diets to meet their requirements, especially when exercising.

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