This entry was posted in Fitness and tagged fastest way to lose belly fat on September 15, 2011 by jitu. If you’re a guy who is looking to get cut and lose the extra belly fat, I have 5 of the best exercises to lose belly fat for men.
One of the biggest problems I see people do when performing ab exercises is they go way too fast and lose proper form. When you reach to top position, try to hold your knees up for a second or two to really feel the abs being worked.
Next bring your left knee towards your chest, as soon as you reach maximum height return your left leg back to where it started. This movement should resemble a steam engine with it’s a continuous forward and back motion.
Attach the band to the pull-up bar or the rope attachment to the cable machine if you’re using cables (I prefer the band to the cables). Stand up facing away from the pull-up bar or machine and grasp the rope from behind your head with palms facing inwards.
Keeping your hands in a locked position, crunch forward bringing your head down towards your upper thighs. Raise your shoulder blades off the floor using your abdominal muscles as if you were doing a crunch. Now elevate your knees so that your knees are bent and your calf muscles are parallel to the floor.
As one leg is out and the other is in, compress your abs and twist your torso having the opposite arm from the knee that is closest to you touch. Do not use your hands to keep your body up; this should be done with your abs to ensure maximum use of your abdominal muscles. Next grab the band with your other hand and make sure it’s slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Now inhale and twist your torso and your shoulders at the same time while holding the band out in front of you.
After a number of reps, switch sides grabbing the band with your left hand as your lead hand. Last Winter I decided to challenge myself by partaking in a 100 day weight-loss and fitness regimen.
Needless to say, even though I was skating daily, lifting weights and playing ice hockey, I was packing on the pounds.
One morning when I went to do the up the zipper of my loosest pair shorts I couldn’t fasten the button across my waist. The tricky bit for me when I travel is that I can’t eat and exercise the same way I do at home.
Looks like you have all the wonderful help you could ask for in these replies…I think I will be following some of them myself! Staying in shape on the road is tough and I agree it’s much easier when you have a base and live in a city at least part time. My weight has gone up and down at a pretty alarming weight this year, and I am definitely up!

Walking tours, bike tours, hiking tours, renting bikes to see the city, walking wherever you can, swimming when you can. However, if you’re just looking to fend off the pounds then don’t put the calories in your mouth. I think sometimes even just trying to shave off 10-15% of what you’d normally eat or drink can do the trick.
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Ab exercises should be slow and controlled to where you can feel each muscle being worked and utilized. I prefer doing the exercise from the knee position because you’re able to stabilize yourself which allows you to add more resistance or more weight.
Once again this all depends on your fitness level but try to do the exercise for 30 seconds to 1 minute.
When I am back in Sardinia, I eat 3 reasonable meals per day, avoid alcohol except for the odd beer or glass of red wine, eat huge amounts of vegetables and salads and train in the swimming pool 3 times per week. I think the key is starting young so that you don’t have bad habits when you enter adulthood. I used to call Scott my garbage disposal, but now he eats less than me because of some digestion issues. As a perpetual traveler, outside the US, it is easy to assume weight will just fall off – eating healthier food, smaller portions, less preservatives, walking everywhere, sweating nonstop. I’m now consciously making an effort to eat the healthiest thing on the menu and skip out on beverages that are high in calories.
If you make this your only beverage and literally slam a glass every opportunity you have, you will find this to be an easy and effective key to weight loss.
If I was traveling with Audrey, whenever I wanted to order differently from her I would permit myself only if convinced my choices were as healthy or healthier, less fatty, less sugary, etc.
Steamed, raw, salads (easy on the dressing.) Also, understanding that eating healthfully and exercising are lifetime habits that bring the best rewards. We’re all growing all the time and learning the best ways to do the various areas of life makes for an exciting adventure within the adventure. If you want to keep your mobility and be a badass awesome person when you get old, exercise. 300 calories is easy to consume (I’m looking at you beer), but can take an hour or two of exercise to burn off. If you have a full plate of beans and veggies it’s not as bad as eating a half a plate of fried chicken and rice. Sitting on your arse all day is not conducive to muscle tone and glowing skin…who knew?
Fit people are happier, more energetic, more productive, sleep better, have better sex lives and more confidence.
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If you need to lose more fat, focus on more intense workouts like mountain climbers or bicycle crunch, which will engage more total body and burn more total calories.
I live in a rural area of Thailand where there are no gyms, but it’s still possible to get a killer workout out here in the boonies. I’ve been busting my big butt over the last week and heading out for a run once a day, eating less and being a little more fussy as to what I put in my mouth.
My best energy is when I’m deriving it from a nutrient-dense fresh diet, lots of water, early nights, plenty of sleep and regular exercise. Fresh out of the shower after "To Briefcase A Bra," Vanessa was squirted together with convulsion handed the bottle everywhere complete the job. If I have a huge meal and drink a lot I’ll try to fast or eat very sparingly the following day. Just because we eat healthy in my household doesnt mean we dont cheat once and a while and eat pizza or fast food, we just do it in moderation.
You already set time aside from your day to do it so might as well make the most of it right?
The false boosts derived from caffeine and sugar lead to the inevitable law of diminishing returns.
I stop by fresh markets or grocery stores on the way to long train or bus rides for my own fruit, veg and healthy breads, etc.
Eating small meals throughout the day while you are actively out and about might be the best way to keep your body fueled, but not grow bigger. Turn this resembling fundament droop until they get their bills all round a difficulty mail. I also consume higher amounts of alcohol so it is inevitable that whenever I get back home I have a beer belly that was quick to appear and very VERY slow to disappear.
This type of prep does take hours, for you to say that it takes only a half hour including shopping is absurd. Night time runs in Bangkok and early morning runs in Singapore will always be in my memories.
I am still trying to shed it and if I can’t by the end of the summer I will have to see a nutritionist to see what I need to do, because I can’t stand it! It’s good to be free of the monkeys and not have caffeine or sugar calling the shots. Then you can call the shots on what to eat from your brain rather than getting too hungry and making crazy choices out of disproportionate hunger.
The no booze rule is easy to abide by in a Muslim country where beers are expensive, but I am nervous to leave Bali, head into the real world, which for me includes $.15 beer and lots of temptation! It will make you feel great, satiate that sweet tooth and help you to have the body that fits perfectly on your frame.

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