First chapter talks about the various diet fads, the myths about so-called weight-loss programs and fattening foods. She says that you can follow this principle 2 only if you follow principle 1 because eating first thing in the morning lays down the foundation for day long hunger. Due to some books remaining unread, it took a little while for this book’s turn to come for a read. A real food (I have started eating an apple) leads to slow & steady rise of blood sugar levels.
The digestive system gets relaxed post sunset & if you overload your stomach with food in the night, most of it will get wasted or will get converted in fat. Then she goes ahead & shows with minimal changes in lifestyle, how these people can shift to healthy eating habits and experience better results. When you want to cut down on your fat, the food (at least some food) is looked upon as poison. Everything that you eat judiciously, at the right time and in the right quantity is good for you”. The idea is to make one aware about one’s eating habits and then bring in a conscious change for better. I was totally blown over by the simplicity & easy manner in which this book is written. Only when you actually eat all the time can you actually decrease meal size when less active and increase when more active. This is typically like time & motion studies that manufacturing or process oriented industries adopt where log of activities is observed for a week or two weeks and then modifications are suggested. Stress is the biggest enemy of an efficient digestive system, the fat burning process of the body and hence, keeping body stress-free help you burn the fats at better rate. Activities like intense thinking, gymnasium, attending important meets are the ones where you are actively involved & are demanding a lot of energy from you. Keeping 2 hours gap between last meal & sleeping will help most of your food get digested and that leads to making you feel hungry in the morning.
Also, when we eat at short intervals, we tend to eat less which means calorie intake is small. This simple mantra cuts down your fat stores and reduces your dependence on stimulants like tea, coffee & cigarettes. Activities like watching movie or TV, small chat over phone, being driven in car are considered as low activities. Eating more food when you are more active will make your body an efficient calorie burner which will increase the metabolic rate of your body.
This will help you stay energetic all day long & will help you lose your fats more effectively.

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