Just want to make sure I understand what you are saying… Do the diet for 3 days as described then break for 4 days and repeat for another 3 days (if you choose to)? I usually try and walk three to four times a week but I purposely didn’t exercise during this diet because I wanted to see if it would work by just changing what I ate. No, I purposely did not exercise to see if this plan works and I lost 7.5 lbs with this diet alone!
Gena made a comment in the posts below that she swapped apples for canned parts and the grapefruit for mandarin oranges and she still lost 8 lbs. Also I have started this diet and though I haven’t been as strict as I should be…eating a little more than recommended and swapping out broccoli for cucumbers I have still lost 4 lbs and I am on my last day so we will see what today brings and my weigh in tomorrow will show whether swapping out and eating a little more ruined my weight loss final number or not!! I did this 2 weeks back and i only lost 4 pounds also ive gained it all back so im starting this diet all over again tomorrow! I am considering giving this a try, but I only want to loose 7KG ( which is roughly 15.5 lbs) Im guessing that maybe because I dont have that mutch to loose that m weightloss wont be has high or does it not matter what you weigh you will still loose heaps? I portioned out a steak that had the Montreal Seasoning on that Jennifer mentioned she put onto her tuna. The way you lose weight in the military is partially by what you eat, but MOSTLY BY THE FACT THAT YOU’RE UP EVERY MORING AT 0400 RUNNING. 1) Spin bikeThis is my favorite exercise equipment because I can feel the resistance in my legs when I use it. Half an hour of this a day will help your legs to tone up if you move the resistance dial up a notch every day.
I have never really been a fan of the treadmill because I figured I should just for a real walk and get more out of it.

3) Cross TrainerThe best machine that works out your arms and legs at the same time, I wish I could afford one but whenever I house-sit for the neighbor, I admit I do use their cross trainer.
4)Medicine BallsThese are kind of hard to find in the shop I've noticed, but if you hold one of these heavy balls and do squats or running, you will definitely build up tone in your arms.
Cost: You can sign up to a gym (gym costs vary) or purchase exercise equipment at a second hand store, workout world or a garage sale. WeekendNotes will notify you of the best free community events, concerts, exhibitions, cinema, festivals, and markets in your town or city.
I lost 7.5 pounds without exercise but my friend lost 10 pounds and she did exercise (walking).
I think it’s intended for us to follow it exactly for the highest weight loss possible. And I swapped a few things ( didnt have apples so I ate canned parts instead, also don’t have grape fruit so I had manderin oranges instead) I lost 8 pounds!!! My physician also told me that it was approved by the Mayo Heart Clinic for heart patients who need to drop weight fast for surgeries.
I started day 1 today, I substituted apple for a peach because I have chrons and my body does not digest them well. I don’t feel very hungry and when I do start to feel a little hungry (like on day 1 and 2) I just went and chugged water. However when I started using the treadmill at the gym I realized it was pretty beneficial for my fitness. It's just the perfect exercise machine, you're practically running while moving your legs up and down plus your arms.

If you are looking to get rid of that stubborn arm fat, a medicine ball is the best option. I believe someone told me it has to do with they types of foods and when we eat them for this to work. It’s proven that if you drink a lot of water not only is it good for your body, it will prevent you from putting a lot of food into your mouth come meal times. I managed to start running on it after two weeks without stopping for breath, so it really helped my cardiac health.
There are good recipes there that will also aid in weight loss that don’t include tuna and eggs. I am hypoglycemic and I cannot have sugar so I omitted the ice cream at the end of the day and added creamer to my coffee. I switched to the block cheese and had a thin slice of that for Day 3 breakfast and cut it into 5 pieces and put them on my saltine crackers and ate them that way.
This could be the reason I only lost 7.5 lbs versus the 10 lbs my friend lost who stayed very strict to the diet.

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