Stretch marks are those ugly, shiny, white marks you see on your skin when your skin changes shape too quickly.
In the earlier stages, the stretch marks appear blue, purple and pink and can be easily targeted and removed. Cocoa butter when massaged into the skin tightens loose skin fibres and prevents stretch marks from exacerbating.
Glycolic acid is an oft-used technology by dermatologists for the effective treatment of stretch marks.
Supplements of vitamin C are said to minimize stretch marks especially in their early stages. Laser treatments work by remodelling the superficial layers of the skin to minimize the appearance of stretch marks. Pregnant women are more prone to developing stretch marks due to rapid weight changes, which makes the skin stretch.
It is better to lose weight through sensible exercising as it helps to control the rate at which you lose weight. Stretch marks occur when the skin undergoes sudden or drastic weight loss or weight gain seen in pregnancy.

Stretch marks occur when the collagen and elastin in your skin ruptures, giving rise to striped white spots on your skin. If you see stretch marks appearing, apply an anti-stretch mark cream that has cocoa butter as its prime ingredient.
Topical ointments containing glycolic acid can be applied on the affected area for a certain length of time to see a visible difference. In order to prevent this, do a hot coconut oil massage every day starting from the second trimester of pregnancy. Men and women should eat sensibly while losing weight and aim for gradual weight loss which will be very beneficial. While stretch marks cannot be completely cured, there are ways of preventing and minimizing them. In my personal experience, keeping the skin moisturized during pregnancy and eating sensibly can prevent the incidence of stretch marks.

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