Everyone knows that the key to losing weight is eating fewer calories than you are spending every day. Recent studies have focused on the effects of fibre on weight loss and losing stomach fat, and having a better understanding of what fibre is, what foods are rich in fibre and how it is digested could help people lose weight and keep it off permanently. Soluble fibre slows down the process of digestion in the body which means that the energy from the food being digested is released more steadily rather than as a rush into the blood stream. Fibre in itself is calorie free as it is not digested, and therefore foods which are high in fibre are by definition low calorie too.
Foods which are high in fibre are also generally low calorie, and just the sorts of foods people trying to lose weight should be eating more of. Too little fibre in the diet is not a good thing and can lead to constipation and stomach problems.
Foods which are rich in soluble fibre, the type which slows the energy release into the bloodstream, include fruit and vegetables of all sorts, pulses such as lentils, peas or beans, oats, barley, potatoes and soya products. For people who are not eating much fibre, it is important to increase intake gradually as if the digestive system is not used to lots of fibre it can cause flatulence and pain in the stomach and abdomen. Wholewheat pasta can be substituted for regular pasta, fruit and vegetables can be eaten with the skin on rather than peeled, and lentils or chickpeas are easy to add to stews, curries or salads. If you are trying to lose weight then look at your fibre intake and consider trying the Lose Baby Weight plans which are designed to give your body optimal nutrition and fibre to assist weight loss naturally. Losing weight and trying to lose stomach fat can drive many mums crazy, but what are some easy exercises and tips for mums who are wanting to lose weight? This is probably due in equal parts to my lose baby weight eating plan (corn makes a fantastic salad filler) and the fact it’s often on special when I hit the supermarket. This means that it takes the body time to break it down, giving you sustained release energy and keeping you full for longer, both important when trying to lose weight.
Including capsicum, spring onion and zucchini ups the veggie count, while egg and skim milk add protein and calcium. Using wholemeal instead of white flour, skim milk instead of full cream and free range egg are great alternatives to the ingredients usually found in fritters that would push the calorie count upwards.
These are delicious served for lunch or a light dinner, with a side of chunky guacamole or a yummy salad. They keep well in the fridge, in a sealed container and taste almost as good on day two as they do fresh out of the pan.
Whisk together lightly beaten eggs and milk in a small bowl until well combined and set aside.

While mixture is thickening, spray a large frypan with oil spray and heat over medium high heat. Cook for 3-5 minutes or until small bubbles begin to form before turning to the other side (try not to turn the fritters too early as they are likely to fall apart).
Cook for a further 3-5 minutes before gently using a spatula to place cooked fritters on a plate lined with kitchen paper. Hi Lose Baby Weight, I just wanted to send you a before and after… today I finally reached my pre-baby weight which means I lost the 20kg I put on during my pregnancy. When following a healthy eating plan or losing baby weight you often have to cut out some of your favourite foods like chocolate spread. Today we have for you a Healthy Hazelnut Chocolate Spread loved by both kids and adults.We think it’s much tastier than the store brought hazelnut spread, and it’s much healthier too, using healthy oils, sugars and no artificial flavours. The Lose Baby Weight Team shares some information on the facts and the risks with pain relief options when giving birth. Finding nutritious, low calorie snack options that are gluten-free can be a difficult prospect when trying to lose pregnancy weight.
If you are sensitive to gluten or suffer from coeliac disease, there are many snack options to include in your healthy eating plan that are suitable for your dietary needs. These 7 low calorie, snack ideas are healthy, provide nutritional benefits and don’t contain gluten so can be included in your diet if you have to avoid gluten. As a general rule, try to stay away from packaged, processed gluten-free snacks options as while they may not contain gluten, they often contain high amounts of saturated fat, refined sugar and other additives. Stick to naturally gluten-free foods like fresh fruit and vegetables, raw nuts, seeds and natural yoghurt. Simple take a punnet of strawberries, cut each strawberry in half and top with a small dollop of reduced-fat natural Greek Yoghurt and sprinkle a two tablespoons of almond meal on top for a sweet snack option that is high in calcium, fibre and vitamin C.
These simple-to-make muffins are made with almond meal instead of flour, so are gluten free. This filling and nutritious fruit salad with a twist will keep you feeling fuller for longer with the addition of LSA, chia seeds and yoghurt. This warming, delicious snack option is naturally sweet thanks to the apple, date and cinnamon. This super simple recipe can be made using only 4 ingredients, making it a quick, easy-to-prepare after dinner snack option that is naturally gluten-free. These savoury snacks are made without flour, making them a great low calorie, gluten-free snack option for kids birthday parties, barbecues and other gatherings.

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Crash or faddy diets may well help to lose weight quickly, but most people find them very hard to stick for more than a week at most. It is plant material which is not easily digested by the body and helps to keep the digestive system healthy. Eating foods which are high in fibre will keep someone feeling fuller for longer, and therefore less likely to feel hungry and give in to the temptation to snack between meals. Eating low calorie foods will help your body burn excess fat and stomach fat more quickly and seeing the fat disappear from problem areas like thighs or stomach will help keep people trying to lose weight motivated. Eating too much fibre can also cause problems as minerals may not be absorbed properly into the body.
For those trying to lose weight, it is best to look at high fibre foods as a valuable weight loss tool as well as a healthy lifestyle choice.
Sweetened with honey and fruit, they are free from refined sugar, making them a much more nutritious option that traditional muffins made with white flour, butter and white sugar. A good after dinner snack option on a cold night, this recipe contains high amounts of fibre, antioxidants and Omega 3 fatty acids. High in protein and low in calories, these bliss balls are a perfect replacement for chocolate bars, lollies and other popular processed snacks that offer no nutritional value.
I’m a mum to a very energetic little boy who is 2 I’m so excited to be one of the motivating mums for September.
The Lose Baby Weight smoothies are great for fibre content and especially when you add in berry fruits and oats to your smoothies.
In addition to the fibre, it is important to drink plenty of water, at least 8 cups per day, to aid the digestive process.
Insoluble fibre prevents the body from becoming constipated, and ensures that toxins are not able to build up in the intestines.

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