Fasting generally is a GREAT opportunity to gain SPIRITUAL strength and also to practice self restraint. Just as the Muslims undergo the Ramadan fast, which is a dawn to dusk fasting period, so also do Christians undergo a fasting period called Lent. So, if you are a Christian and you are reading this, pay attention too, as this same article will be highly beneficial to you too.
During the Ramadan fasting, you do not drink any liquid (water included) nor eat any food during the daylight.
Ramadan is an excellent opportunity to shed some extra pounds of excess fat and in this article, I am going to give you some tips that will help you achieve this. Instead, eat small portions of healthy meals through the evening  and early morning (before fast starts at dawn)as it will keep your metabolism level adequate and also maintain a balanced blood sugar level.
To give your water a taste that helps you drink more of it, what you can also do is drink lemon water. After drinking a lot of water to rehydrate yourself, the next thing is for you to eat food. If you absolutely want to do your exercise after you break your fast, ensure you leave at least 2 – 3 hours for your meals to digest before engaging in exercise. As usual, kindly leave your comments and questions in the comment form below and I’ll respond to them. This is cool, but am adding too much weight though i Dont eat much, i eat wheat bread and brown rice but i see my self adding too much weight. Ramadan diet plan tips to lose weight given here is Urdu will make your fasting healthy and beneficial. A lot of people do not realize that they are taking more food than the usual routine because they do not even try to think so. At Iftar try not to eat the sugary foods as these foods cause people to desire to eat more and more of the same food. Avoid drinking or eating the things that only make you feel ore thirsty like the salty foods, coffee, teas and the sodas.

Imam Khalid Latif is blogging his reflections during the month of Ramadan for the third year in a row, featured daily on HuffPost Religion. The primary conclusion that my mind takes me to is that Muslims enjoy fasting, and those who see us fast observe that enjoyment and want to try it out. I don't support the idea that every person needs to bear the burden of representing their entire community to the rest of the world. Your friend who is fasting Ramadan is probably fasting in large part because they have seen you fast, not because they saw me or anyone else fast.
If you are fasting this Ramadan and looking for a place to break your fast, whether you are Muslim or not, we would love to have you join us at our Islamic Center at NYU. While I break my fast with with friends and family, the men and women of Guantanamo will have their fast purposely broken far away from any family -- some being detained now for almost a decade. I have received many emails from subscribers over the past few days advising that they will be undergoing the fasting and would want my advice on how they can lose weight during this period. Your body realizes this and in response quickly secrets lots of insulin to bring the blood sugar levels back down. In The 30 Day Fat Loss Program, I did share fat burning foods that you can actually use to lose weight.
Yes, Run…away from foods like sugar, white bread, white rice, ice cream, sweets, cakes, muffins, soda, soft drinks. When you exercise 30 mins – 1 hour before you break your fast, you will be able to get healthy food nto your system quicker that your body will burn as a post workout meal. If you follow the above tips that I have shared with you over the Ramadan period, then you would lose weight off your body. I am a member of RCCG ,am not fat just moderate but I have Tommy fat that’s really given concern.
Ramadan is the time of the year when all the Muslims fast for a whole month during the daylight and then feast at the break of dawn and at dusk. The large amount of the intake after a whole day of fasting can cause your digestive system to congest.

During usual days there is light breakfast, light lunch and light dinner and then people go to sleep but in Ramadan people eat heavy breakfast to fast for the whole day and at evening there is also heavy Iftar and some people even continue eating for the rest of the night with friends and family.
These foods will stabilize the blood sugar level, prevent over eating and will kill the hunger and in this way you can stay within the amount of calories you need to lose weight. For a complete record of his previous posts, click over to the Islamic Center at New York University or visit his author page, and to follow along with the rest of his reflections, sign up for an author email alert above, visit his Facebook page or follow him on Twitter. And its the fastest way to gain weight.  Overeating once a day leads to weight gain as body think its in a state of famine and your body reacts by slowing down your metabolism which in turn store what you eat as fat. When you’ve been fasting all day, guzzling water down your throat can make your stomach feel tight for a moment.
If you are really SERIOUS about losing weight during the Ramadan period, then you will need to exercise. Ramadan is the when one can face the serious dehydration because there is no water consumption during the peak sunny hours of the day. To avoid this problem you should break you fast on the dates and water or you can take a simple soup.
These diet plan tips to lose weight in Urdu will maintain and balance your weight in Ramadan. If we want the rhetoric around our faith to change, we have to start approaching how we are living it and talking about it differently. During fasting one cannot eat the regular meals they must try to make up for it in morning and in evening during the time of breaking their fast.
In Ramadan it is very important that one gives his body the proper nutrition that the body needs when they eat, if not so then fasting can lead to the serious health problems as it has to continue for the whole month. Keeping in mind all these situations we are providing some Ramadan diet plan tips that will help you to lose weight this Ramadan month.

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