Natalie Hodson is a mom of two showing how to balance family, fitness, and a healthy lifestyle. I am 4 weeks postpartum right now and I gained 57lbs during my pregnancy with a nearly 10lbs baby as well. Article contains so many fruitful information which will be liked by the readers as in my opinion this is the best article in this category.
I know that first pic isn’t your favorite ever, but you still look amazing for 2 days post. I’m dew to give birth in 8 weeks and after seeing the Duchess of Cambridge tummy so round on tv after having Prince George, I have to admit I have been totally freaking out…!
Today my family and I went to take out pictures with a photographer and for the first time I noticed how big I still look (about 6 months preggo)!

I always new that I was still big, but not THAT big I am pretty down right now and try to take in your advice. Unfortunately, losing that extra weight does feel like a race to me, although I don’t want it to. My dd is ten months old and I have about 10-12 lbs to lose still but feel pretty good about myself again! For me the whole diet was based on slow and steady restriction while keeping a close eye on my strength and energy levels."Another winning team member said, "It was actually easier than I had thought. I felt the same way you did after your first because of eel like everyone was telling me I would bounce right back and then I still looked pregnant for a while so I felt like everyone was judging me.
All I did to lose 10 percent body weight was to watch what I was eating and drinking, then added some exercise, such as riding a bicycle.

Basically it is about burning off more than you put in."Other winning team members cut down on carbohydrates in their diets, watched portion control and increased their daily exercise. I know you are helping other women feel good and love themselves and setting them up to have realistic expectations!

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