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The contents of this website including text, graphics, images, and other materials are provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional health advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Poll is private, and is NOT set to display all users who voted, and what choice they voted for. The Picture below is an example of an extreme apple-shaped body and an extreme pear-shaped body. Occurs mostly in men where most of the fat is on the upper body, the arms, chest, and belly, with less weight gain on the lower body. When you have a huge upper body, you may have to buy your shirts from either King Size or Casual Male XL, but if you have a small butt and skinny legs, then you can still get your pants or shorts from any Walmart or K-Mart, so your clothes will be much cheaper. Because of your massive upper body, and huge round belly hanging down over the waistband of your shorts, your shirts may not completely cover your belly and your pants or shorts my tend to slide down on your butt, so a lot of apple-shaped guys go around showing off their belly-buttons and the upper half of their butts in public. If you have big round hips, a big fat ass, a huge groin area or lower abdomen below the belt, and great big thighs, you will have to buy extra extra large pants from a Casual Male XL or King Size.
Also, Baby Huey is apple-shaped with a huge and massive upper body, small butt, and thin legs. Of course, fat distribution is mostly determined by genetics, so just work with what you have, what nature has given you and go on from there.
The one by Khato is the type of drawings that were done on the older computers with only 16 color graphics. Our central focus is on getting each and every person we see pain free while experiencing the best quality of life possible. In some extreme case, weight gain may appear on the upper body only with little or no weight gain on the lower body. Weight gain is mostly on the lower body, the lower abdomen or groin area, the hips, butt, and thighs. Of course we really don't have much choice in the matter since fat distribution is mostly determined by genetics, but diet and exercise dose have some influence. Having a big butt and thunder-thighs is relatively harmless compared to having massive amounts of upper body fat.

Super size pants are very expensive, so pear-shaped men will have to pay more for their clothes than apple-shaped men. This past June was reportedly one of the hottest Junes we have ever had in Korea due to the rainless rainy season.
In our facility you'll find several chiropractic physicians with different areas of specialization to meet your needs. In some extreme cases for example, I once saw a woman who's thighs were bigger around than her chest and she was twice as wide across her hips as she was across her shoulders.
So, you'll pay less for your clothing than pear-shaped men, because apple-shape men may need to wear big shirts, but they still wear small pants. For the ladies, however, the pants length have gotten shorter and shorter, and "hot pants" have become very fashionable as we can see on the streets of popular spots around the cities.
Then again, there are quite a large number of women, who are hesitant to wear shorts due to "lower body obesity" (LBO) — a disproportionately larger lower body in comparison to the rest.
Call today for an appointment and discover how our rapid access, broad array of care and gentle approach can get you back on your game.
First of all, to treat LBO properly, we must look into the underlying cause for thicker thighs.
The cause can be from either having high body fat, or from edema (which is sometimes described as "bloated"), or from having high muscle mass, or even from irregular structural issues.The most typical case of LBO is unfortunately from having too much body fat. Generally speaking, when we gain weight mostly from not taking enough exercise but still consuming a large amount of food, the fat around the hips and thighs also increases its mass. For ladies, estrogen secretion is activated especially post-puberty, and during and post-pregnancy. This higher level of estrogen promotes lipid synthesis in the lower body, which can lead to a disproportionate lower body.
For many such people, their goal is not to shed the inches around the hips and the thighs, but they wish to lose overall body weight along with reducing the size of the abdomen, waistline, and arms. As such, the treatment is for that of general obesity patients; regular exercise and eating less.
If the patient feels difficulty in reducing their amount of food intake, there are oriental herbal medicines that can be prescribed to reduce appetite, and yet feel full.

To help the localized reduction of fat in the thighs, mesotherapy that uses distilled Oriental medicine has proven effective.
Also, to reduce the dreaded cellulite, mostly appearing around hips and thigh region, mechanical stimulation using high frequency heat and acoustic pressure can be effective.For those patients with edema induced lower body disproportions, they notice that their leg sizes differ from morning to evening, and wearing socks leaves very clear marks on their skin, and they are prone to cramp in their legs. It is more common in those who work in the same posture (whether seated or standing) all day long, and enjoy their food salty.
Oriental medicine views such patients as showing edema symptoms either because their vital Qi is spent, leading to insufficient circulation that accumulates an abnormal amount of water, or because the Qi of the kidney, the organ responsible for water excretion, is depleted, or because there is a Qi circulation issue due to stress. The treatment for such patients then focuses on removing the stress from the body and promoting the circulation of Qi with aid from medicine, acupuncture and moxibustion.For those with high muscle mass in the lower body, unlike those with high fat or edema, it is difficult to lose the inches around the thigh and calf. Resistance training, recommended for most obesity patient, can lead to even thicker muscles, and thus easier, non-strengthening type of exercises such as walking and yoga are recommended.
Oriental treatment can aid in shaping the legs with softer lines by relaxing the knotted muscles with acupuncture.Irregular structural issues can lead to thicker thighs.
For those with bow-leggedness (genu varum), if you notice that your lower abdomen especially protrudes more than the rest of the belly, and that looking straight at the mirror, the region right below the hip joints bulges outwards, chances are that they have thicker thighs due to irregular structure. An incorrect posture such as sitting with the legs crossed, leaning on one leg while standing, or walking with an out-toed gait, and major bodily changes such as pregnancy and childbirth can lead to a shift in the pelvis. The result is a "saddle bag" shape where the pelvis tilts forward and femur rotates inward to shape the thighs thicker and pushes the flesh below the hip joint outwards. Such patients can visibly improve their shape and size with posture correction; their thighs appear thinner and the saddle-bags disappear. Also, posture correction can straighten the legs as well, which can be a dramatic esthetic improvement for some patients.Losing weight does not just mean that you have to skip meals and exercise for hours. The overall diet and weight-loss plan should be personalized and customized to improve your general health. The writer practices Korean Oriental medicine at the UN Oriental Medical Clinic in Hannam-dong, Seoul.

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