Now, I wish I could tell you that the excess weight dropped off the moment we got home, but I’m afraid the exact opposite happened.
I remember thinking it would take me MONTHS to get back to my ideal weight, but I was absolutely stunned to see how quickly the pounds started to melt off once I made a few key changes to my daily routine. Learn how to lose 10 pounds in a week with 10 of my best weight loss tips below and make this year your best one yet! I remember feeling both stunned and embarrassed when I saw just how damaging each tablespoon of peanut butter and slice of cheese was to my weight loss goals, and I was also surprised at how ineffective my light jogs on the treadmill were in helping to balance my input versus output. When IA was researching the bestA tips to lose belly fat FAST last year, it seemed that adequate water intake was on the top of everyone’sA list of effective strategies not only to reduce bloat, but also to lose weight. There are so many different studies out there on the pros and cons of eating breakfast as it relates to weight loss, and while some would argue that it makes no difference and that you should focus on your caloric intake as a whole rather than at certain times of the day, experience has proven otherwise to me. I have never really been one to eat sweets, and I rarely indulge in white breads and pastas, but when IA took the time to read the labels on my favorite foods and evaluate my diet, I was surprised not only byA how much sugar and how many simple carbs I was consuming, but also at how quickly the weight started to fall off when I made a conscious decision to stop consuming both of those items. I have never been very diligent with portion control, but when I was comparingA my diet versus the amount of physical activity I was getting each day, I decided to take the time and measure out the portions I was consuming. Of course, measuring portions sizes is time consuming and not practical when you’re out and about, but if youA invest the time upfront, you will soon learn how to eyeball a serving size, which is essential for long-term weight loss success. HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, involves intense periods of exercise followed by short recovery periods so you burn more fat in less time, andA strength training increasesA your muscle mass, which in turn speeds up your metabolism.

I have a fabulousA collection of HIIT workouts, as well as great arm workouts, leg workouts, and ab workouts to get you started! If you found these tips to lose 10 pounds in a week helpful, please share them on Pinterest!
And if you’re looking for more weight loss tips and tricks, please follow our Health and Fitness board where we share all kinds of inspiration!
DaniDani is a 30-something freelance writer and social media consultant who has an unhealthy love for makeup, hair, and fashion. As with all exercise and diet programs, please ensure to check with your doctor first to ensure these tips areA safe for you, your body, and your current state of health. Not only did I gain an additional 5 lbs in the weeks that followed, but I also became lethargic, irritable, depressed, and downright angry at myself.
So I took a long, honest look at myself, my eating habits, and my exercise routine, put together an action plan, andA made a commitment toA lose the weight once and for all. But once I identifiedA my optimal calorie intake to achieve my weight loss goals, I was able to adjust my diet and make smarter food choices.
I find if I start the day with a well-balanced meal that is high in protein, my metabolism is at its best, and I am much less likely to crave and gorge on unhealthy foods over the course of the day. Even though I was only having a handful of chips andA crackers here, and a bite of my daughter’s cookies and chocolate pudding there, it all added up over the course of the day and had a devastating effect on my waistline!

Liquid calories such as these offer absolutely no nutritional value to your diet, and will hinder your abilityA to reach your weight loss goals.
Instead, I like toA do a combination of HIIT and strength training workouts because I have found they are the most effective inA my weight loss goals.
But when a trainer at my gym came down hard on me for my unhealthy sleep habits and explained that sleep deprivation increases hunger and slows down metabolism, I made a conscious choice to go to bed at least an hour earlier each night.
So be your biggest cheerleader, tape a skinny picture of yourself to your fridge and pantry,A stop making excuses, and remember: YOU’VE GOT THIS! She lives with her husband and 4-year-old daughter in Toronto, Canada and hopes to move to a warmer climate someday. So I ate, and I drank, and I ate some more, and by the time we boarded our flight home 7 short days later, I weighed 5 lbs more than I did when we arrived. I have worked so hard over the last few years to maintain my weight, and I couldn’t get over how a week of unhealthy choices could take over my life and cause me to spiral so far out of control.
As it turns out, she was 100% correct, and I find my weight is much more stable when I make an effort to get between 7 and 8 hours of sleep each night.

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