From the bottom of our hearts, Thank you to everyone who have shared their Ideal Protein journey.
Hi my name is Charlene Rivera I started the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method at Shake it Off in June 2010. My name is Mike Wootton, when I began the Ideal Protein Method; I weighed 420 lbs in June 2010. When I first started the program I thought this was going to be a difficult diet to follow. Please Note: Because Ideal Protein is a personalized weight loss protocol, individual results will vary. There is nothing more rewarding for us than knowing that we have helped you improve not only your physical appearance, but above all your self-esteem and perhaps even your overall health.
The testimonials posted on this website have been provided by individual dieters and are representative of their own personal experience and are not typical.
A married woman and mother of 2 handsome young boys, she works both as a nurse and personal trainer.
She will be rejoining again in September, he father joined the program 11 weeks ago and has also lost 60lbs.
I was at my peek weight of 182 lbs, and considering that I’m only 5'4", I had zero energy or self-confidence.

All rights reserved - Because Ideal Protein is a personalized weight loss protocol, individual results will vary. Any statements or claims, posted on this page, are not being made by the owner of this website or by Ideal Protein.
With Lisa's words of encouragement and direction I knew I had made one of the best decisions in my life. I stuck with the Ideal Protein Protocol the first seventeen days (before my cruise) and lost eighteen pounds! During my seven-day cruise, I decided to ease up on the method. I began the life plan in October and on my first follow up one month later, I still continued to lose weight and inches. Shake it Off and Ideal Protein hasn’t only helped me to be healthier but my family as well. On my first visit, I was told that the most expensive part of this wasn’t the diet, it was the amount of money I would spend on a new wardrobe and I'll tell you this; that is the BEST feeling to go out and buy all those new clothes to show off your new beautiful look! As I entered adulthood and the workforce, I stopped playing sports and I continued to gain weight. Since, watching the movie “The Bucket List” I decided that I really wanted to give my daughters away on their wedding day. You can’t do either if you are dying an early death from years of lack of good nutrition and obesity. From January 1, 2010 to June 21, 2010, I lost 38 pounds through diet and an extreme exercise program (P90X).

I worked out six days a week, 60-90 minutes at a time, and it felt like a slow, grueling process. Kirk Keener explain the Ideal Protein Protocol in June, I agreed to start the program and the weight immediately began to melt off. As of November 2010, I’ve lost 62 pounds with Ideal Protein and 100 pounds total for the year. Keener and I first met to discuss the program, he was confident that I would get to 180 pounds, which would be 147 total pounds in weight loss. But as I stand here now, I am confident that I will attain my goal of weighing 180 pounds—and without killing myself in the process! Not only has the weight fallen off, but I’m more confident in myself. I’ve never worn a man’s size large T-shirt, or size 36 inch waist pants, in either my adolescent or adult life, until now.

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