L-Carantine Hydrochloride It’s one of the safest and most effective supplements to increase weight loss and boost energy levels, as one of it’s primary purposes in the body is metabolizing fat. B6 in Adiphene Metabolizes Body Fat A powerful metabolism booster which also helps the body to metabolize food into energy and burn excess fat. Chitosan Extract is a Fat Bider Chitosan extract binds to fats in the stomach and shuttles them straight through the digestive system, so they can’t be absorbed.
Ginseng panax root extract 10%   Ginseng is found only in the Northern Hemisphere, in North America and in eastern Asia (mostly Korea, northeastern China (Manchuria), Bhutan, and eastern Siberia), typically in cooler climates. The theobromine in Cacao (Cocoa) extract inhibits fat storage and the cocoa polyphenols increase fat metabolism.

Adiphene Contains 4% Cinamon Extract Several studies have shown cinnamon reduces insulin resistance and fasting blood glucose levels, both of which are associated with unwanted abdominal fat, so it may help reduce abdominal fat. Glucomannan is the hunger controlling ingredient in Adiphene   Glucomannan (kanjac root) is a very effective appetite suppressor. It also plays an essential role in generating more energy in the body, along with increasing mental energy, mental stability and focus. And according to a new study in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, research at the Pennsylvania State University found properties in cocoa could inhibit carbohydrate and fat digestion, stopping the body from absorbing them. Cinnamon can lower a meal’s glycemic (the lower the better) effect, meaning the foods you consume will boost your blood sugar more slowly.

Thanks to its twelve to one concentration, this is the purest pharmaceutically refined currently available. A study of twenty overweight people who took a set dose of glucomannan for just eight weeks, lost an average of five and a half pounds without a special diet plan.
It has been marketed as a safe weight-loss pill and going by the numbers so far, it is clear that this pill has certainly become very popular.

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