However, even Sharon Fowler, who presented the study, stated that the correlation did not prove the increased consumption of diet soda caused the weight gain.
A little bit of pseudo-science can make an argument very convincing.  Also, it sounds so plausible that there should be a consequence for having a sweet taste with no calories. Actually, there is very little evidence to show that diet soda causes any rise in insulin levels.  In fact, a 2011 Food and Nutrition Research study [2] showed people who consumed artificially sweetened food had far lower levels of blood insulin. A recent study on mice showed the opposite, but I’d put my money on real human beings. This is subjective.  We are all different, and our appetites are produced by our brains and cannot be measured.
Alternatively, it is more likely that the liquid volume and bubbles of a diet soda produces a temporary feeling of fullness, and the taste and refreshment are pyschologically gratifying and give a sense of satisfaction. What do you think – do you feel any hungrier after drinking a diet soda than just before? Other common sweeteners like Sucralose and acesulfame potassium, also comprise of naturally occuring elements.
The US FDA approved aspartame in 1974, and now, over 90 countries have approved it for use.  If aspartame consumption did involve health risks, we would have heard about it.
Used in the right way, artificially sweetened drinks (and food) can give your diet a major boost. Be careful, some diet sodas contain more calories than others.  Always count your calories. Keep it fresh.  Try new diet sodas like cherryade, limeade, cream soda and even Diet Coke comes in many varieties.
Dieting is hard enough as it is, and  you need to find help wherever you can.  In short, you need allies in your battle to lose weight, and diet soda is a valuable diet friend.

These top 10 diets for quick weight loss are intended to be for quick and temporary weight loss. Some love the fizz they get from soda and you just can’t get it from a glass of tap water. Respect your routine; if you always grab a Coke at lunch or right after for a little perk in your day, make a smart trade. Aspartame was allowed for use in solid foods in the eighties, followed shortly by approval for drinks.  Hello, Diet Coke.
In addition to potentially causing cancerous growth, aspartame has been linked to up to 92 physical side effects.
Take a moment to enter your details, and you can select the news you would like to have delivered to your inbox! Many nutritionalists say diet soda makes you crave sugar, makes you fat and gives you cancer. Program focus is on all round change in life-style as opposed to a short term eating plan modification. Yes, every can or bottle is detrimental, but if you start by making small changes you have a better chance at long-term success. Researches are showing high-protein diets cut withdrawal symptoms in half within just 48 hours. The caffeine is what your body misses most and it can be brutal, but if you plan it out right you can skip those symptoms completely. Try pouring your favorite juice over ice and adding seltzer or club soda to handle this part of the craving. One study found that when depressed patients were given an aspartame pill, their symptoms of depression worsened or did not improve, even with treatment.

The reason for this is protein slows carb absorption and improves your ability to convert blood sugar into fuel, which helps reduce cravings. Aspartame is the primary sweetener in low calorie or zero-calorie soft drinks, like diet sodas, and is also found in hundreds of different foods, including yogurts, cereal, flavored water, chewing gum, and pasta sauces.
Because aspartame is not a molecule the body would normally encounter in nature, the body has no clue how to handle it. And, just like an alcoholic knows the habit will ruin his liver, the soda addict already knows the habit can wreck blood sugar, boost the risk for diabetes, and trigger weight gain along with ruining those pearly whites, cause chronic headaches, and thin the bones. Those who have finally decided to quit cold turkey have experience withdrawal symptoms, especially if they enjoy their soda daily, even multiple times per day. Try adding a little real sugar in your coffee or tea to cancel it out and your craving could be gone in just 20 minutes. Most “sugar-free” or “diet” foods contain aspartame, which can be listed as NutriSweet, AminoSweet, Equal, or Splenda. The migraine you may experience could last 48 hours, you’ll feel irritated and probably a little nauseas, and you may even come to a breaking point and grab something unhealthy from the shelf to help calm the storm in your body. Try subbing a delicious smoothie into your breakfast–a healthy treat to look forward to instead.

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