It was a successful birthday bash, limited to family, we have quite a big enough family with my childrens’ cousins together.
Okay, this was not raw paleo diet, so this was my cheat day so as to let everyone else in have a wonderful enjoyable time and meal.  I did not eat rice and the birthday cake and the salmon. The delicious mandu (Korean dumplings) that I had a week ago in Myung Dong Kyoja in Korea Town, Los Angeles triggered me to do more research about it. Mandu, one of the most favored Korean snack dishes, refers to crescent-shape (or less commonly round-shape) food of meat (usually pork) and vegetable mix wrapped with a thin piece of flour dough. On the way home from a big conquest of southern Chinese area, Zhuge Liang’s army was caught into a severe storm in a river. It seemed that mandu became popular among Koreans between 17th or 18th century during Chosun dynasty. The fillings are usually pork, dubu (tofu) and various vegetables such as onions, mushrooms, spring onions, cabbages, Korean leaks, and garlics. Now I know what to do when I want to have real good mandu, I would just go to a well-known mandu restaurant such as Myung Dong Kyoja. Korean diet pills seem to be a nice shortcut for a lot of people, who want to lose weight quickly. I want to give you a few reasons, why you shouldn’t take Korean diet pills, to spare you problems and grieve. Yes, there are pills which seem to be save and approved by certain institutes and standards.
The even bigger risk with Korean diet pills, or any other, is the danger of health-threatening products. Looking around on our website, you can find a lot of helpful advice and case studies from Kpop idols and how they lost weight. Other than that there is only one way for you to get that sexy, skinny Korean body that you have been desiring for years.
It is all about your daily habits, the food you eat, how much you exercise and how much you really want that desirable body. The girls from SNSD are not only famous for their wonderfully bubble gum like music, but also for their fascinating ways of dieting. You will not lose a considerable amount of weight, if you are not able to control your meal portions. Tiffany said in an interview with Elle Magazine that she drank 1500ml of water everyday before a video shooting. When starting your diet, you have to take in consideration that you don’t have the same schedule as the girls from SNSD. Let us know what you think about these lessons and please don’t hesitate to share your weight loss lessons with us in the comment section below.
If you expect to look like a member of Girls Generation within the next week you might be in for a devastating let-down. Because the good thing about not being a Kpop idol is that you have more time to lose weight and get into shape. If you want to lose weight, you have to realize that two important things will play a huge role for you or anybody who tries to diet. We wrote an article on the different Kpop diets which are trendy at the moment and we also had a closer loot at how the members of SNSD prefer to diet. If you follow those tips you will see some change already and it will hopefully give you the strength to continue your journey to greatness. If you really want to lose that nasty pounds on your hips, you have to do a little bit more.
We love Korean food and no not all Korean cuisine is good and healthy for you or will help you to lose weight.
When creating a diet plan, it is important to know that there is no magical formular for everybody.
All we want to say is that even the fast food in Korea is better for a good diet than for example the one in the United States. Let’s give you some advice on how to approach the Korean diet plan and what you can expect in the comming weeks and months. There are so many diets out there and every day there seems to be a new one on the horizon. The banana diet is quite popular all over the world and not only Kpop idols such as Seo In Young claim that they lost some pounds in a few weeks.
Take in mind that potatoes have a lot of carbohydrates which might not help you with your goal of losing wait quickly. The paper cup diet is maybe the most famous of the Kpop diets and is based on a certain portion per meal. Nine Muses were the Kpop idols who started the paper cup diet and we are sure that this diet works.
To make your workout more fun and to keep you going with your fitness challenge, we would like to share our Kpop workout playlist with you. These are the words of blogger, photographer and world traveler Andrew Phelps, who’s most recent resume addition includes English teacher in Korea.
During his more than two-year stint overseas, Phelps said one of the things that intrigued him most about Korea was the food. Born and raised on an American diet, the blogger says he was thrown into culture shock from the change in food the moment he and his wife arrived in South Korea. During their travels, Phelps and his wife decided to make some changes to their lifestyles in an effort to get healthier. One of the first things I noticed when we arrived in Korea almost two and a half years ago was how different the diet was. While Koreans have started to eat more bread, they still prefer to eat rice cake called tteok (pronounced “dock”). Tteok is made from glutinous rice flower and is extremely chewy. Koreans love seafood, which is easy to understand considering they are bordered by water on three sides. Typically after eating a Korean meal served at school or a Korean restaurant, I feel satisfied, but rarely “stuffed.” I don’t find myself groggy and sleepy after meals, and for the most part I do feel much healthier.

If you’ve only ever had Chinese or Thai food, you’re still missing what Asian cuisine has to offer in Korean food. The information provided within this site is strictly for the purposes of information only and is not a replacement or substitute for professional advice, doctors visit or treatment. There is a historical story of the famous Chinese political strategist Zhuge Liang (181–234) of Shu Han and the origin of mantou.
Kimchi itself is vegetable, but I like to differentiate it from regular vegetable mandu because the taste and the look of kimchee mandu are quite different from others. But I will also give you an alternative to the pills which will help you to finally lose weight and be healthy. What if you try that amazing new pill that seems to help everybody and you afterwards have to live with horrible consequences because the product ist just a mixture of bad ingredients.
If you are still interested in some pills, please comment on this article and some of our readers might be able to give you some advice and share experiences with you. We talked about the SNSD diet before and decided, due to great demand, to give you more information on this particular Kpop diet. You have to be as strict with yourself as Jessica was reportedly with herself by only eating half an egg instead of an entire one.
It is also backed by scientific research that the right amount of water can have a big impact on your weight loss goals.
You don’t have to make it through 3,5 hours of a dance-heavy show on a regular basis. You probably don’t have a concert tour scheduled for next week, where you have to be in perfect shape. But take in mind that to much weight lifting might be counter productive, in case you are a woman. But when you want to lose weight and get healthier, you should definitely try out our Korean diet plan. The good thing about the Korean diet is that you can just tailor the diet to your preferences.
And please don’t hesitate if you have any questions or remarks on the diet plan itself. We took a close look at all the different diets of your favorite idols and will let you know which one is for you and which one should be avoided. Just take three paper cups or any small sized cups and fill them up with the following food.
No:) The beautiful Nicole from the girl group Kara said that she lost weight with this diet. We knew being away from our friends and families was going to be difficult so I started blogging to document our experiences here in Korea.
It was actually one of the most difficult things to adjust to due to all the unfamiliar foods and ways of preparing meals. In Korean homes and restaurants they avoid boxed, canned, frozen, and packaged food like the plague. Korea is a small mountainous land mass; therefore grazing fields for animals that produce milk are few and far between. Koreans love to cook with hot peppers and many of their foods are covered in red pepper paste.
There are always exceptions to the rule, but I’ve been completely amazed at how much healthy and fresh food my students eat and enjoy. Some Koreans do give into the Western junk food, but even this is moderated by much smaller portion sizes. I highly recommend finding Korean restaurants or recipes and begin exploring all the awesomeness that is Korean food! She holds a bachelor's degree in journalism from Wichita State University, has a self-taught proficiency for vegan and vegetarian baking, and considers herself a lifelong learner of all things health.
The provided content on this site should serve, at most, as a companion to a professional consult. Another difference that I noticed is that Koreans mandu feelings are less greasy than Chinese fillings. As easily guessed, kimchi mandu has a little bit of sour and spicy taste and it looks a little red because of the color of kimchi. But as long as you don’t change your entire diet, you will always come back to the starting point. Some of the ingredients are highly addictive, which makes sense because they want to sell you a lot of them. This doesn’t mean that you have to starve or that you have to quit your favourite food. Please let me know, in the comments, about any experiences you had with diet pills and what our readers should do instead. Because the girls are busy with their dance workouts every day and this is a fantastic way to burn some calories. And if you want others to avoid them as well, please don’t hesitate to share this article.
We already gathered the 5 best Kpop Workout videos for you, so you can just follow along and lose weight. And we wanted to find out, which parts of the Korean cuisine would benefit our health, fitness and weight loss the most.
We will help you with your Korean diet plan and will introduce our version of the plan which can be easily followed by you. This diet comes from the Royal Danish Hospital and is all about high protein and low calories. The pair ate traditional Korean school lunches for their entire stay in the country, and Phelps decided to document one full month of the lunches to show family and friends back home how different the cuisine was. On his blog, Till We Have Faces, he shared three posts in total, each sharing a glimpse of what Korean school lunches look like. It’s possible to get these foods in the local supermarket, however, a traditional Korean meal will largely consist of fresh food.

Throughout their history, Koreans have learned to cook and eat without milk, butter or cheese. Our first few months in Korea, we longed for a simple deli meat sandwich from Subway, or at least a restaurant that served sub sandwiches.
In fact, many Koreans find American food to be very bland due to our lack of use of peppers. It’s common for school lunches to have squid and octopus tentacles thrown into soups or other medleys with vegetables. He, as admired as one of the smartest people in the old Chinese history, came up with this food, mantou which looked like a human head wrapped with a white cloth, soothed the angry river with it and successfully fooled the river. We recommend you go the long distance and you will get rewarded a slim and healthy body eventually. There will be more content in the future, but let’s get started with this list of actionable weight loss advice. That is why we would like to talk about the 10 mistakes you probably make every time during your Kpop workout.
Because you will not be able to lose 20 kg in the next three days and it is a hard work to look like your favorite Kpop idol. The Korean diet is a traditional way of eating and it does not come with all the restrictions which make it impossible to follow any diet. And many Kpop idols such as Jung Hye Young or the members of Secret make sweet potatoes a crucial part of their diet. But the amount of food might just be to less for your body to operate properly for an entire day. In addition to dietary changes, the couple also started exercising five to six days a week and lost a fair amount of weight in the process.
You should always consult your primary care physician prior to starting any new fitness, nutrition or weight loss regime. But personally, I don’t think one would take too much fat with one serving of pan-fried mandu.
But there are problems that cannot be fixed with a pill, no matter how many good reviews that product has.
If you want to fix your weight for a short period of time, go ahead and purchase a couple of pills. We would recommend that you have a look at our list of the 45 best Korean food recipes first. But if dancing is not really your thing, you should know that there are a lot of other opportunities out there. If you really want to look as good as some of them, than you have to be aware that it will take some time.
And if you really crave something sweet, besides all the wonderful fruits, you should try Patbingsu once a week. So take in mind that you have slightly bigger portions, when you have a hard day ahead of you.
However, many types of rice cake exist: some are sweet and filled with sugary filling while other kinds are prepared with very spicy sauces such as the popular tteokbokki.
It’s made from fermented vegetables and other ingredients such as garlic, fish sauce, and more often than not, pepper paste. While visiting the port city of Busan last summer, we went to a seafood buffet where I came across a large bowl full of these tiny little creatures. But it’s true that mandu (or Chinese baozi) looks like that it holds something(?) inside its wrapping and deliciously it does! When it’s well cooked, fried (pan-fried) mandu is so delicious with a dip of soy sauce!
I’ve found frozen mandu usually have a thicker wrapping, which definitely diminishes the taste, but it’s a trade-off! But if you really want to lose weight and slim down, you should rather invest the money and the time into something that will actually work longterm and change your life. We are just saying that you should monitor your food habits a little bit better and rather have some nice street food if possible. When you stop thinking that it is a diet, you will be right where you have to be to achieve lasting Kpop weight loss. But you will not miss to much after a while, because all the tasty fruits will satisfy your sweet tooth.
Pictures give a visual representation of the food, but still fall far short of the smell, texture and taste experience. I was feeling adventurous so I put it down in one bite like all the Koreans around me were doing. Just let us know in the comments, if you need some help with that and we will get back to you.
It is sweet, it consists of pressed rice and who knows what else they put in there to make it so delicious. If you don’t have Kimchi at home or you are not sure how to make vegetable side dishes, just have a look for recipes around the internet.
But you will not miss the overly sweet and sugary soda drinks either, as soon as the Korean diet plan becomes a habit.
We wish you all the best and you would make our day, if you tell us about your experiences with Kpop diets in the comments. It is the best and healthiest way to lose weight and you will see the positive changes after a short period of time. And it is pretty simple, because you don’t have to count calories or take care of a lot of things.

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