Because of the natural look and slightly messy in a chic way of long wavy hairstyles it is considered as the modern look. The long hairstyles have a range of features from the long wavy hairstyles to the long straight hairstyle. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Long Hairstyles For Men, Short Mens Hairstyles, Hairstyles For Guys and Short Wavy Hairstyles. The chiselled features of the model look more sexy when the long blonde hair flies away from the face. This hunk has long curly hair with side parting styled in a messy way to make his looks more attractive. This long and wavy hair has short locks spread throughout the mane that lends a dashing charm to the guy. The three brothers in their dark, long hairstyles with two of them sporting curls look pleasing together. Long and wavy dark hair hanging in a mess with center parting create a mysterious aura around the muscular man. This hairstyle has light blonde hair with wavy layers grazing the neck and long bangs covering the forehead.
This handsome hunk with his side parted wavy hair having layers looks flamboyant and dashing.
The thick, curly and uneven braids hanging on the shoulder have an amazing appeal and look quite different.
This even length messy hairstyle with tint of red hanging around the face with a side parting looks rocking.
The dark curly ball of mass sitting on the head of this guy looks fabulous and has a catchy display. These two artists with their long, half tied and half loose hairstyle present an ultra flamboyant and cool look.
This man with his piercing grey eyes and long, layered hair having a center parting looks groovy. Smooth dark hair with slight layers covering the front and long ear locks have a smart look. Long and layered hair having wavy effect, worn with a center parting and left open on shoulders. The slight streaks of red, green and blue in the smooth, silky hair reaching up to neck make it lively. The long and even length hair suit the personality of this guitarist and give him a nice rockstar look. Blonde hair with jagged edges and a shaggy effect tossed over the forehead for a buoyant look. The guy in his dark brown, curly hair with a puffy effect, loosened on front looks handsome. The actor flaunts a dashing look with his center parted glossy brown hair tucked behind the ears. Hunk On Runway is the hairstyle which i liked very much i wish to keep my hairstyle like this hunkman. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. Just when you think the bob trend may be coming to an end, one celeb cuts it off and does it in a much bolder way. A signpost for summer, Vanessa Hudgens’ breezy and bohemian Coachella look is smoking hot and deeply desirable.
Speaking at the ULTA Beauty’s Donate With A Kiss event in support of The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Vanessa Hudgens said that she wanted her hairstyle to be like a ‘fall leaf.” To confirm what she meant, her Instagram account featured this image of her new and inventive take on the ombre trend.

In a time of changing hair color trends, we’ve seen the rise of ombre, and more recently pastel-colors have been on everyone’s radar.
If you’ve been told that you look much younger than you actually are your entire life, then you probably have a round face. A lot of women with round faces stay clear of bangs, and the fear is understood but also unnecessary. Shoulder-length hairstyles are universally flattering, but they can also add width and that’s what women with round faces want to avoid. Shoulder-length hair that is long, straight, and layered will give your face the illusion of length and highlight the cheekbones. Regardless of the texture of your medium-length hairstyle by giving it a deep side part it will change the focal point and length of your face. As it can be seen, the Asian hairstyles can bring out the strong feminine sense from a woman.
Hairstyles in Asia have to be considered as the simply long straight black hair for a very long time. Let’s face it – the wrong hairstyle can, unfortunately, make you look older than your time. She’s a beautiful woman, but the blunt bob on the left is too severe for her, while the softer, layered hairstyle on the right is much more flattering. Over-styled hair: Stay away from stiff, fixed styles that require hot rollers, excessive hairspray, or a shelf full of styling products.
The perfect hair color match can work magic to take years off your face and make you look younger!
Doit-on leur rappeler qu'A  trop vouloir ressembler A  Barbie, la chirurgie peut leur jouer des tours ? Sur certaines photos elle est jolie, mais ce sont des photos oA? elle n'a pas encore tout refait. The period of over styled and stuffy hairstyles has long gone and it is time for you to experiment and try something new for your wavy hair.
Get your hair together from the nape of the neck and start twisting up to the end of your hair.
The status has changed and these days the long hairstyles for men are as popular the short hairstyles. In these two hairstyles, the latter is more acknowledged and appreciated by the men folk as it has a suave and debonair feel. They again you’re calling me a cute guy and post me in the middle of some seriously good looking model guys. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world.
Known for her dark locks, this bombshell blonde makes her girl-next-door charm disappear, replacing it with hippy-chic, modern California cool. With short layers in the back and long, face-framing layers in the front, the style creates space and freedom for curls to bounce, swing and move without getting too heavy or out of control. Sporting a spiffy combination of red and gold and brown, these colorful curls are sure to be copied by fashionable girls about town. Now actress Vanessa Hudgens is opting for an edgier hue, debuting dark purple tips as accent to her classic raven.
Round faces are youthful and sweet, but sometimes you would prefer to look more mature and sophisticated. With this length you have a lot of versatility for updo’s and can style your hair with some loose waves for a spiced up look. A deep part that is above your cheek rather than your nose will give your face a more oval look.

This means that a very light hair color will wash out your features, while a very dark color will be a harsh contrast. Use a deep conditioning treatment to restore moisture, and a daily shine spray or hair oil to boost up glossiness, suggests Estelle. Find a rich, long-lasting hue with eSalon, which provides personalized hair color made just for you! Je ferai quelques revues sur les produits que je teste, sur les bons plants du net, ainsi que d'autres surprises !
If you want to style your hair while it is damp the best way to do it is by styling it in slick chignon. After you have twisted your ponytail, round it up, then wind it in a bun and to secure it, use an elastic. They give a rebellious and mysterious look to the men which makes them acquire a dashing and sexy aura.
While the exuberance of the whole ensemble may be too much for every day wear, you can borrow elements of the look to make your spring and summer styles more seasonal. It’s also easy to style at home, as all you really want to do is encourage the texture to take its natural shape.
Katy Perry is the queen of the whole head of Tyrian, but we love Vanessa’s more wearable look. The secret to a great rounded-face hairstyle is balancing and averting from the roundness and making your face appear thinner. A shoulder length haircut with long layers and a long side-swept bang will frame your face, which will make it look thinner.
By adding some loose waves near the end of your hair (right below the cheek) you will have a textured and gorgeous hairstyle that doesn’t add width near your cheeks.
Whether you are born with smooth or curly hair, there’ll always be an Asian hairstyle to make you look elegant and glamorous. Most Asian women are blessed with fine textured tresses which make them look beautiful and charming in almost every occasion.
First time clients can get a full color kit for only $9.95* (50% off!) with a satisfaction guarantee. Certaines personnes ont des lubies et complexent sur des parties de leur corps qui en fait sont tout A  fait normales. Even though it will not display your wavy hair, it will still leave them dry so they are enhanced. If you are planning to go out, wear a big earrings to give you that chic look, but this may take you several minutes to complete. The credit for making the hairstyle wide-spread and acceptable must go to the rock bands which started the cult of wearing long hair. This is a great way for brunettes to try out the colored hair trend without sacrificing their dark locks. The natural smoothness of their hair can show your skin tone more flattering and give you an overall radiant look along with your trendy outfits. In case you already have a dry hair, coil hair in a bun position it at the side of your neck as you do some tendrils hanging up front, surrounding your face. It was only after them that the long tresses made an entry into the mainstream and it became a formal as well as casual hairstyle.

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