Most of us are enjoying spring weather right now so this is the perfect time to put a refreshing walk into our day.
I hate counting calories, but for those who like that mental exercise, walking at a moderate pace (about a 20 minute mile) burns about 50 calories a mile or 150 calories an hour.
If we can find time to walk in a pleasant environment without pain or discomfort, why not walk?
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The following are some of my greatest roadblocks and some ways I have found to get around those blocks. Let’s see if we can put a few more minutes of walking into our lives, enjoy this time, and see if we can lose a little weight in the process.
I believe there are times for reveling in consumption (I call it feasting), but without fairly quick damage control, those pounds can get really stuck.
However, I do not believe losing weight is strictly a numbers game (did I mention hating the counting of calories?). However, running can be very bad for the joints (especially jogging), and feeling like you always have to rush is bad for the soul. I have had people tell me, “I wish I could walk, but I just can’t anymore.” Personally, I have been restricted in my walking because of pain in my foot or knee or hip or even shoulder.

Once again, figuring out where your particular restrictions are and working to free those for better movement can really help you move through the foot and the rest of the body with less pain and discomfort. My passion is providing opportunities and information to facilitate healing of body, mind, and spirit.
I believe losing weight has much more to do with how we are burning the calories we are taking in and what sort of calories we are consuming. I found my solution to the time and walking dilemma when the miracle of the iPhone came into my life. There are many, many things I can do such as checking emails and making phone calls that I can do while walking. Pain is the body’s way of telling us that something is wrong, and we need to pay attention and do something about it. Take some time to educate yourself about how the foot should move and about how your foot moves. There are a myriad of benefits that come from walking, but for today let’s only consider weight loss. It has been my experience that when I am walking a great deal, I want to eat more nourishing foods, and the food I eat is metabolized much better.
For more information about things you can do to help relieve foot restrictions, check put this page.
I have found those times to be the most important times to get away from everything and go for a walk.

Very often, pain in our movement is the result of some part of our body being stuck in restriction. The best method I have found for dealing with this lack of motivation is telling myself I will go for just a “little” walk or a “short” walk—like around the block.
This restriction keeps some parts of the body from moving freely creating imbalances in the body which can then develop into problems for the joints and muscles, creating pain and discomfort in our movement. And if you know you need to fix your feet, give Foot Wakers a try – they are amazing! A good mind body teacher (pilates, yoga, etc.) should be able to give you valuable feedback about your particular imbalances. Start to learn what your particular imbalances are and how to move toward better alignment.
If you know you have a problem in a specific area, Yamuna’s kits can be wonderful self-help tools (I have them listed in my products).

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