Take any fruit except banana and drink black coffee, unsweetened tea, cranberry juice  or water.
On second day you can take vegetables in fresh, cooked or raw form but take care to avoid dry beans, sweet corn and peas. Day three can be a combination of day one and two but you have to avoid baked potatoes on this day. On this last day of your diet program you can eat brown rice, vegetables and unsweetened fruit juices.

During this diet program you have to avoid alcohol, bread, carbonated beverages including  diet soda. Winters greet and invite lot of fresh fruits and you wish to have them in breakfast, lunch and in dinner. Cabbage soup is a low calorie soup that helps you to reduce weight in seven days and hence is a fast weight loss program. Cabbage soup is made with cabbage, green onion, tomatoes, mixed vegetables juices, bouillon etc.

Weight loss on diet only
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