If you have a few pounds to lose then read on to find out a few possible changes you can make that can have a big effect on your weight.
You would think that choosing to eat from a smaller plate would help to cut down your portion sizes, but in reality all we do is stack the food on top. In a study undertaken at Cornell University, a change in the colour of the plate you eat from could result in a 18% reduction in the number of calories consumed. They discovered that using darker coloured plates were best as the lighter colours would result in more food and therefore calories being consumed as the lighter coloured plate would disguise the portion sizes. Many so-called healthy foods contain hidden sugars that will cause a spike in your blood sugar levels, which cause further cravings for sugar once burnt.
Another reason to be wary of too much fruit is that the sugar that it contains is fructose that does not cause a rise in your insulin levels that causes appetite suppression, so you can consume a lot of fruit without ever getting full. If you tend to snack a lot throughout the day then I would suggest storing these snack foods out of sight, and perhaps out of reach too.
The harder it is for you to get to these snack foods the easier it will be for you to ignore them.
Research has shown that we tend to fill shorter glasses more than we would a taller one, which if you are a fan of soft drinks or alcohol would mean that you are unwittingly consuming extra calories. As well as using a tall glass for your drinks, you should also pour the drink into the glass while looking down on it as this will help the glass look fuller, therefore cutting the amount you consume too.
If you tend to put large tureens of food on your table for dinner then you are making it easier to help yourself to ‘seconds’.
Research has suggested that if you keep the leftovers in the kitchen then you will eat 19% fewer calories as it will be less tempting to fetch the second helping.
Where you eat also has an impact on how much you will eat, with those who sit and eat in front of the TV shown to eat more calorie-rich foods. Research has suggested that you should eat outside in the summer, and to avoid restaurants with low lighting if you want to avoid overeating. According to a study published in the Academy of Nutrition and Diabetics journal, those who chew their food thoroughly were able to cut their calorie intake by as much as 88 calories per meal. The reason for this reduction is that chewing thoroughly will give your brain time to realise that it is full. Your brain will usually take around 20 minutes to receive the signal from your stomach that you are full. Lose Weight with 1 Minute of ExerciseThese days with our outrageously busy work and home ..
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Dieting for a lot of people is something harsh, because they will have to cut down on the amount of food they consume a day which directly mean cutting down on some of the happiness and joy they get from comfort foods, and that is why many diets tend to cause depression and fail, but fortunately there are many ways to lose weight without dieting, and below are some of the most effective ways to lose weight without dieting. Start your day with a big and a healthy breakfast so you provide your body with its needed level of energy to function throughout the day and you start your metabolism so your body burn more fat, include whole grains and a variety of fruits they are rich with fibers which will curb your appetite for long time and at the same time maintain your energy level high, this is needed so your body doesn’t feel like it is missing nutrients and in turn make you overeat. Lean protein is a perfect way to satisfy you quickly and at the same time keep you full and in no need for food for much longer times, if you learn what to eat to control your hunger, losing weight will be of no problem at all for you, if you start your day with lean protein you will notice that you are satisfied and full for almost all day until dinner time, this is a brilliant way to train your body to eat less calories and at the same time be satisfied.
Supply your home with the type of fruits and vegetables that you know yourself you love, and instead of having unhealthy snacks, Snack on these fruits or veggies, also whenever you are going for dinner out, choose healthy food restaurants, and make sure you had a little healthy snack before you go to prevent any chance of you to get attempted to eat more food than you need.

These salad dressings and sauces are rich with oils and sometimes even sugar, you can reduce those calories without depriving yourself from the pleasure of eating what you like, also instead of adding mayonnaise and ketchup to your sandwiches opt to fill them up with many layers of healthy and crunchy vegetables.
Not only the foods and drinks you consume matter when we are talking about weight loss, but also your physical activities and how you burn those calories you consume, if you are a working woman try to go to your work walking this will start your metabolic rate to rise very much at the beginning of the day which will make your body automatically burn more calories and you will notice yourself very energetic throughout the day, also take the stairs in your lunch break a few times with fast steps, this will increase your heart rate and in turn burn your fat. IMPORTANT TIPS TO REGROW LOST HAIR NATURALLYSMALL THINGS ON WHICH PEOPLE JUDGE YOUR PERSONALITYSOME HOME REMEDIES TO HELP YOU GET RID OF BLACKHEADS4 natural methods for removing facial hair4 Alarming Signs You Might Have Breast CancerTIPS ON HOW TO MAKE YOUR HAIR THICKERHOW DO YOU KNOW THIS IS YOUR SOUL MATE?7 Helpful Tips to get thick and long hairHOW TO MANAGE TOO LITTLE SALIVA OR DRY MOUTHHOW CAN SLEEP HELP YOU LOSE WEIGHT? Daniela NaiduWhen you're trying to lose weight, it may seem like you need a magic wand and voodoo chant to be successful, but you really don't. Are you constantly exercising and maintaining a strict and healthy diet but still, you can’t fit into your jeans? High intensity interval training (HIIT) has been growing in popularity in the past few years.
Achieving your desired body weight and optimal health can seem daunting as you contemplate about sacrifices that you need to go through.
The truth is, by just performing small changes to your daily routine, you can already make a huge impact on your transformation and take a step closer towards your goal. Carbohydrates taken in the morning are more easily digested than those taken later in the day.
Little do other people know, taking the stairs in lieu of the escalator and elevator can shrink your waist size by close to 2 percent in 12 weeks. Thirst can often be mistaken for hunger so before you reach for bread or any food, take first a glass of water. Studies made for The Journal of Nutrition found that green tea can decrease a person’s body fat.
If you are prone to overeating, you should use smaller plates to limit the food portions you take to a more appropriate amount.
A salad can be very deceiving; it is difficult to measure its calorie content by just looking at it. Neither Kimberly nor anyone asociated with Living The Fit Life will be responsible or liable for any injury sustained while exercising at your home, gym or elsewhere. Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser. You don’t need to diet to lose weight, but with a few lifestyle changes you can certainly start seeing a few positive changes to those numbers you see on the scales.
Have you ever asked yourself why you are having a hard time getting rid of all the fat permanently?
This one should be the least of your concern because what makes you fat are actually the sugar and carbs that you’re eating. Take note that one of the triggers of satiety is chewing, that’s 15 percent less calories if you eat an apple rather than drinking its juice.
Though it’s true that the majority of its composition can be considered healthy, some optional ingredients like fatty salad dressings, can betray the real purpose of eating it in the first place. This will also help you sense how your stomach feels and recognize if you are already full.
Forget about short-term crash dieting and make 2016 your healthiest (and lightest) year in quite some time, without resorting to fad diets!

As much as possible, try to prepare your own and steer away from fast-food salads which are often smothered in mayonnaise and garnished with fried meat.
More hearty soups + salad are low-fat main course options that will keep you satisfied longer.
When you sleep, the body is recuperating and rebuilding vital cells associated with weight & overall health. You can also join my Facebook Page to get instant motivation and answers to all your fitness questions!
And season with lemon juice and herbs rather than drowning their goodness in high-fat sauces or dressings. Drink Plenty of WaterDrinking enough water each day can help you curb your appetite and boost your metabolism.2. Do your best to speed up the metabolic process by eating healthy foods and not starving yourself.
Eat More VegetablesEating enough fiber each day can help you feel full faster and reduce your cravings. To make the building up process faster, do not restrict the volume of the foods that you’re eating. Get Enough SleepPoor sleep can wreck your metabolism and cause you to pack on pounds, sabotaging any weight loss efforts.
Also avoid drinking sodas because they can make you look old and they add cellulite to your body. Just keep this in mind, every time you place foods in your mouth think first if these foods are building you up or if they are breaking you down.
Practice Mindful EatingMany people eat when they're bored or watching TV, not because they're actually hungry. Eat More SlowlyEating more slowly can help you become better aware of when you become full, stopping you from overeating.7. Plan MealsWhen you plan meals, you are less likely to reach for fast food or unhealthy snacks because you are hungry and short on time.8.
Keep a JournalA food journal can help you keep track of your eating habits and identify problems.9. Stock Healthy ItemsIf you don't keep junk food in your house, you'll be less likely to eat it.
Eat in ModerationIf you deprive yourself of anything, you'll just be more likely to binge on it.
Just eat everything in moderation.Following these tips and making small changes in your daily activities are all you need to achieve your weight loss goals. Say goodbye to starvation diets!For more information about weight loss, visit our resources guide or find a nutritionist in your area for a consultation.

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