If you would like to read more about my monthly progress check out my 8 MONTH, 9 MONTH, and 10 MONTH after baby stats. I feel like I would be doing new mama’s a disservice by not including information on abdominal separation in this post. Weights, DVD’s, a mat, jump rope, and water bottle are awesome items that can be added to your baby registry.
Once Caden was born I worked out while he napped or kept him next to me on his blanket while I exercised. Remember exercise is just one part of the equation. I hope this series was helpful for you. I am sharing a photo of me 9 months after Caden was born and a comparison photo of my tummy before pregnancy and 8 Months after baby.
There are so many excuses that all of us can use in our daily lives for reason why we didn’t exercise during the day. This will depend on how much intensity you are training at for the day and what type of workout you are performing.
This is what happens when the Rectus Abdominis becomes overly stretched and separates into right and left halves.
Now that he is moving more he enjoys going for runs with me in the stroller or I use him as a weight for squats, lunges, deadlifts, and curls.
Be on the lookout for workouts on this blog to keep you motivated in your healthy lifestyle journey.
I had never heard about it either until one of my blogger friends reached out to me asking about it. I am 3 weeks from my due date, and as excited as I am to be a mom to a little girl, I am so nervous about how things will go afterward! I’m a firm believer that if you stay active and healthy during your pregnancy and get up and and moving as soon as possible after delivery that you’ll not only bounce back much faster, but also feel 100 times better about yourself!

Glad you mentioned about weight training cause lifting weights help to keep weight off in the future raising your resting metabolism.
I always want to make sure photos are fairly credited so if you catch a photo without the right sourcing, please be sure to let me know. The first step before you start those heavy sweat sessions is to make sure you have been cleared by your doctor. If you are short on time a workout at a higher intensity would be most beneficial because you can more calories in a shorter time span.
If you are only going to workout 3 days a week these workouts will need to be at a higher intensity level and for a longer duration to see the results you are hoping for. This muscle is usually joined in the middle but if it becomes separated during pregnancy the core is weakened and results in a pooched tummy that doesn’t seem to go away even with a proper diet and exercise. I didn’t move very fast or walk very far but each day I gradually increased my speed and distance. Staying committed to exercising for the day becomes a lot easier when you know another person is meeting you. You will be more likely to stick to your workouts and also make sure that you are getting in the right amount of strength, cardio, and flexibility training each week. If you like to workout early in the morning layout the clothes you are going to wear and have your gym bag packed the night before. Dress modest and cute while getting your sweat on without causing others to be distracted by skimpy outfits. I also had great results with 30 Day Shred and just recently started the Beachbody T25 workouts. I exercise and run a lot and to be honest, the thought of not being able to do that at the same intensity while pregnant and having to wait after is slightly scary for me because it’s such a big part of my life.
Please consult your doctor with any medical issues, or before beginning a training program. In the same way, If you would like to share a photo from this blog, please just make sure it is linked back.

If you would like more information on Diastasis Recti and how to determine if you have it and what you can do to treat it click HERE to read a great article by Bikini Body Mommy. By the time he was 2 weeks old we were averaging 2 miles a day walking around our neighborhood. Many times I would have not made it out of bed when my alarm would go off at 4:30am (before Caden was born) if I had not had everything ready to go for my morning workouts. I will say that baby #1 was EASY to lose the weight after…baby 2 was harder but maybe it was because I was 35. This means if you purchase an item from a link I provide to those shops, I might receive a commission.
Being a mom is a full time job and I have learned to make the most of the time I have to workout. We are all works in progress and each day is an opportunity to move forward towards your goals and dreams. I only share products and services that I would personally use and think are a good fit for my readers. I train at a higher intensity to make sure I am getting every minute I can out of my workouts. If you can get up off the floor and hold a conversation after this type of workout you are not working hard enough. Or better yet do compound exercises like squats with an overhead press and lunges with biceps curls for an even greater calorie burn.

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