I recently spoke with a friend who told me that she was religiously counting calories, because ever since she hit 35, she had been gaining quite a bit of weight. But there was one problem: she tracked her calories daily, was eating around 1,200 per day, did this for over 100 days (three months), and yet only lost 5-10 pounds.
Rather than me giving you 5-10, here is one that works phenomenally well, which is called Eat This Much and is currently free. In Africa and India, the average daily caloric intake is much lower than the 3,000 commonly seen in North America, Russia, and Australia. Does this “scientific fact” of reducing calories by 500 calories a day really produce that systematic, predictable, linear weight loss we hope for? In the original study, researchers suggested that a person walking 1 mile per day, and thus burning around 100 calories, will lose more than 50 pounds over a period of 5 years.
Later on, these researchers commented that this model of calories in calories out is around 50 years old – and this original statement was based on short term experiments, that were also performed on men on diets of less than 800 calories per day. So in other words, maybe these results were realistic in the SHORT run, but not in the long run.
Maybe that’s the rate men were losing weight during that short period of being starved to death, but maybe the body compensated for that severe decrease in calories later – and thus slowed the weight loss down (since reality didn’t reflect that this actually works long term). Until you feel like crap, stop seeing results, and are wondering whether or not to continue doing what you’re doing. Listen, I wish it were as pretty and simple as counting grains of rice, but it isn’t. There are loads of other factors that may affect what’s going on within your body, ranging from full-blown medical conditions, to other nutritional reasons like eating processed food, to the satiety index and the thermic effect of food. So if my friend we talked about earlier really was eating fewer calories, but wasn’t losing weight, the calorie model is incomplete.
A common situation that I see on an almost daily basis is women over 40 (or 50) that are going through menopause or perimenopause and find themselves gaining more weight, or even potentially gaining weight for the first time in their entire lives. Obviously, you can’t wave a magic wand and make these things going away, although there are ways to naturally address hormones too.
One study found that during a woman’s menstrual cycle, the hormonal changes affect not only how many calories she eats, but also what kind of calories she eats (proteins, fats, carbs), and even how much energy she expends. As far as menopause goes, I’ve talked to maybe a hundred women that have gained weight during middle age because of this, and research backs up that many women do gain weight (often not much, around 5 pounds), while a smaller percentage gain waaaaay more.
In another study, they followed women during their premenopausal years and then after the menopausal period. A common diagnostic test people get when they can’t lose weight is getting thyroid hormones checked. The thyroid plays a number of different roles in the body, and one of those roles is in regulating metabolism. For example, there was one study where people were treated for hyperthyroid (overactive thyroid) and their weight changes were measured over the following year. I’ve shown a dozen times here that you can literally eat fewer calories and feel more full, and conversely, you can eat a lot more calories and feel a lot less full.
I’ve since done a couple home experiments to show people how processed food encourages overeating, and eating way more calories without feeling the corresponding levels of fullness. For example, I did an initial home experiment (featured above) where I showed just how much junk food compares to real, natural foods – and how you can eat subjectively WAY less, and feel totally stuffed. Technically, the sandwich I was eating was still a whole grain, natural, junk-free sandwich. It was also likely heavily processed, with added sugar and salt (in the bread), as well as some kind of mystery sauce that made it easy to hammer down calories. A person could tell you that 100 calories of sugar and 100 calories of broccoli are the same, calorie-wise. But that’s a bit ridiculous when you see how each affects your body, hormonally, as well as cravings, and the lack of nutrients you could be getting.
But in my opinion, it should never be the bulk of your approach (or even your main approach).
Shannon and her husband (my own students) are now up over 70 pounds combined lost by changing a few habits (none of which were calorie counting).
And I can go on with 100+ direct emails from my own students who never calorie counted a day in their life. Simple – pay attention to what you do, and you’ll be more conscious of it right?

Master The Day is a book that addresses the real reason we struggle with health and living a really good life: habits. This piece flowed out of my experiences that led to writing The Fragility of Western Masculinity, and responses to this post lead to me writing Endurance is a Skill. Kick Where it Hurts This is another installment of Sylvie’s Tips where I seek to share some of the things my Thai trainers are teaching.
How to Crush the Head and Neck Kru Nu’s son Bank has a terribly strong squeeze in the clinch, and ends up just crushing me most of the time when we practice.
This post is in the spirit of this site, showing things in progress, as if passing reading notes so others can think along (and even train along) with me. I’ve written about the bottom rope before (articles at bottom) and this is my response to it coming up again recently. Thanksgiving is the number one food holiday in America and the day our calorie counts are the highest during the year.
We thought you’d enjoy this infographic with fun Thanksgiving food facts to recognize the massive amount of calories we take in on this day so you can be mindful of what you’re eating.
The information provided within this site is strictly for the purposes of information only and is not a replacement or substitute for professional advice, doctors visit or treatment.
Jakubowicz says you can eat even 3,000 calories a day and lose weight, as long as you eat in sync.
This household-name hormone is produced in the ovaries and helps control sexual development (puberty, menstrual cycle, pregnancy) and also maintain bone strength. As the uterus prepares for fertilization, these levels rise after ovulation, maintaining the uterine lining in preparation for implantation and throughout gestation. If you’re looking to decrease stress, stabilize your hormones, boost your sex drive, neutralize the acidity of your body, and blast your system with nutrients, look no further than that section at the health food store you always ignore: the supplement aisle. Bisphenol A (BPA), a carcinogen, is in plastics, dental sealants, canned food linings, and cash register receipts.
Phthalates, other carcinogens, are found in fatty milk, butter and meats, along with personal care products, detergents, children’s toys, printing inks, and more.
Heavy metals, like arsenic, mercury and lead, are in food, batteries, paints, plastics, and fertilizers.
Love it or hate it, unless you seek out hormone-free options, the food you eat likely contains additional hormones.
Peggy Bradford of Sewell, New Jersey hasn’t always been the avid promoter of health that she is today. After facing resistance from her doctor about getting off of her medications, Peggy told her husband she was going to take matters into her own hands, and that’s exactly what she did. Peggy almost instantly began eating healthier and watching her calories, cutting out soda and choosing protein bars over candy bars.
If you want to use a ballpark figure to see if you’re somewhat close to where you should be, this is the formula to use. My entire approach to health is this: once you understand the power of your own mind and psychology, and once you get the power of tiny daily habits (rather than willpower and discipline) success is a piece of cake. It feels remarkably shameful to complain about how I need to be eating more and I feel like an idiot for finding it so daunting a task. If you are to understand Muay Thai, I mean really understand it and see how it grew out of Thai society, and the forces that sustain and feed it today, you have to appreciate Fight Culture. We actually met through online communication and I forget that we didn’t actually meet each other in person until a little over a year ago. I think it’s good to experiment with different kinds of wrap techniques as they have different strengths. He was displeased with me merely doing counted, repetition knee drills, the traditional Muay Thai camp endless knees on the bag that everyone knows.
Interestingly, it was reintroduced by an American coach who was saying that his female fighters have always and will always go over the top rope, even in Thailand.
It’s not easy to control your portion sizes of your family’s favorite recipes, but one step to doing so is remembering that this holiday is not only about the food, it’s about giving thanks. The provided content on this site should serve, at most, as a companion to a professional consult. Eat a breakfast of up to 3,000 calories -- loading up on protein, sweets and starches -- and watch the pounds disappear? While wonky hormone levels can’t be blamed for every strange thing a woman says or does, they can be the culprit in a variety of areas.

When levels are too high, it can cause increased risk of breast cancer, dementia and even uterine cancer. Aren’t those the often untested, unapproved sorta drugs that always seem too good to be true.
Although it’s thought of as a supplement, researchers suspect this South American staple has been consumed for around 2,000 years. That is the question I had for Gerard Mullin, MD of Johns Hopkins University as he spoke about nutritional detoxification at the 2013 Food & Nutrition Conferences and Expo a few weeks ago.
Mullin said that toxins are everywhere – in the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the things we touch. In animal studies, endocrine disruptors are linked to cancers, birth defects, diabetes, and other diseases.
Before losing 70 pounds the 47-year-old mother weighed close to 220 pounds and suffered from severe depression. A good quality whey or veggie protein shake post workout might assist as well as some recovery supps. It is not just the techniques and gyms that make up Muay Thai in Thailand, but rather a whole system of beliefs and experiences the pull together the karma and excitements of gambling – gambling on contests of body and soul. I really like Emma and recently I was scrolling through a feed of our private messages on Facebook in order to show something she’d sent me to my Thai friend and my friend remarked, “wow, you write so much!
Which is to say that I don’t really practice against this and only get reminded of how unpracticed I am when my trainer occasionally wants to mess with me.
So today I asked him to show me the hand position he uses, and learned that all this time I’ve been doing it backwards, leveraging with the wrong arm, and wrongly using the face of my wrist instead of the blade of my forearm. Unfortunately, he had some other things to say about why he encourages his fighters to disregard this custom that, to me, smack of a particular racism and sexism that fantasizes about the exploited Thai female body that wasn’t something I could get behind.
Shape Magazine’s talking about the 20 most important hormones for our health (yes, 20!).
For the most part yes—I largely avoid most of the powders, pills, and formulas available in this section of the health food store. The Incas considered maca to be a gift of the gods, due to its superior nutritional value, and it’s one of the only plants to thrive in the tough conditions of the Andes mountains. What is worse is that, when they work together, the sum of their actions is greater than the whole, and they are stored practically forever in body fat. Steroid hormones are given to beef cattle to make them grow faster, build more muscle and make their meat leaner.
The weight gain came after a major surgery that required her to be on a hormone replacement for one year, which left her feeling terrible both physically and emotionally. Unique Knee Counter to Round Kick I’ve actually been on the receiving end of this knee to the hamstring a number of times, but only from my trainer, Pi Nu, during padwork. He would have me get close to and kick the wall, instead of a bag or a pad, in order to force my whole shin to line up in a parallel fashion (perpendicular to the extended kick angle some use striking the side of a target, and not the 45 degree landing angle that is common, instead flat against the target, knee bent). I first wrote about Tanadet (Poda) 2 years ago.  The extended film clip below Kevin made as a study film for me, so I could figure out just what it is that Tanadet was doing. You should always consult your primary care physician prior to starting any new fitness, nutrition or weight loss regime. Whether or not an individual develops a problem depends on genetics, level of exposure, and the quality of nutrients in the diet. We teamed up with our favorite registered dietitian Mary Hartley to look at foods containing hormones, what their effects might be and how you can avoid them. Two-thirds of all cattle and about 90 percent of the cattle on feedlots in the United States are given hormones. I then moved to Thailand to train and fight full time in April of 2012, devoting myself to fighting 100 Thai fights, as well as blogging full time.
Having surpassed 100 fights in 3 years here, my new goal is to fight an impossible 200 times in Thailand, as much as I possibly can, and to continue to write my experience. They are: estradiol, progesterone, testosterone, zeranol, trenbolone acetate and melengestrol acetate.
Steroid hormones are released into the animal from a pellet that is implanted under the skin of the ear.

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