This Total Diet Food example menu is for a 38 year old man who wants to lose weight quickly.
A Total Diet Food Example Plan for a male client, looking to eat healthily and conveniently. No matter where you live in the United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii), you can have Diet-to-Go! Our Low-Fat diet meals are prepared fresh and then flash frozen, packed on dry ice and shipped immediately to ensure optimal freshness and taste upon arrival. Our Low-Carb plans offer an Atkins style menu providing a variety of fully prepared low-carb meals with only 30 net carbs per day. Unlike most of our competitors, Diet-to-Go meals are prepared fresh in our own USDA-certified, commercial kitchen.
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Healthy Diet Delivery is leading the way with our incredible menu and our variety of options. Note: Once you are on our program you will have the ability to change a menu item that is within your diet plan.
Customers that stick to our calorie restricted plans have reported weight loss of up tp 2lbs per week. We ship via FedEx & UPS from our commercial kitchens in both Northern Virginia and San Francisco to give you the quickest delivery times possible, no matter where you call home. When there are so many demands on our time, the effort it takes to plan for, buy and prepare healthy, nutritious meals can be overwhelming. We are known for our great gourmet food and our clients are always amazed at how delicious a diet can be!
And when you're trying to lose weight, healthy eating can become a herculean effort, but not with Diet-to-Go.

All of our meals are perfectly portioned, nutritionally balanced, taste tested and freshly prepared.
Healthy Diet Delivery offers an enjoyable and easy way of attaining and maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle. We include all the extras like fruits, sides and even the condiments so there's no last minute shopping trips or complicated meal preparations.

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