LoCarb Connection opens in the Largo Mall with a mission to serve shoppers with a high level of carbohydrate consciousness. Leson Smith of Largo shops at the LoCarb Connection with daughters Tiffany, left, and Kaitlin, both 4, at the Largo Mall on Thursday.
Largo Mall, 10500 Ulmerton Road, Suite 620 Grocery store specializing in low-carbohydrate foods Four employees "We walked in, and we were absolutely blown away by the store and the service." - Customer Ed Swing. Trying to find a close pub that we could walk to and cheer on the USA for the World Cup game against Portugal. Fantastic dinner!We headed up to Ventura to watch a show and needed a place to eat dinner and kill some time before the concert. A good friend on mine lives in the area and suggested this spot while we were out shopping.
2. "The idea is to have a store where shoppers can come in and don't have to read the ingredients," Recalde said.
I had the lamb chop which were cooked perfectly and my boyfriend tried to conquer the 18oz rib eye. We made reservations well in advance and the server suggested a particular table that had an amazing view of the harbor. For sides we picked out the spinach and the server recommended we try the green beans with red peppercorns.
The Wing Stop by my house (Van Nuys Location) is absolutely horrible, check out my reviews if you don't believe me. But looking at their menu I knew there were be lots of other options.I had the bacon wrapped shrimps that were stuffed with pasilla peppers and a side of steamed veggies.
They brought out some extra chairs but there really is only so much that you can do to accomodate such a large crowd.

For my meal I picked the pan seared scallops with a chorizo brussel sprout hash and a poblano cream sauce. I had made arrangements to drop off a cake earlier in the day that way we could surprise the birthday girl. Anyways this location is always super clean, the cashiers are friendly and I really enjoy the fancy coke dispenser that lets you pick any drink you want and add any type of flavoring.The wings take about 16 minutes, which is fine by me since I know that means they will be super fresh and crispy.
Moved on to a crisp and fresh cesar salad which was loaded with cheese, just the way I like it. I have tried to add everything I can possibly think of to this list, but I am sure I will miss some things.
I had a huge plate piled high with short ribs that were sitting on a bed of grilled onions.
For my main course, I had the wild salmon with brussel sprouts and my bf had the wild halibut with green beans.
Please feel free to email me or add a comment if you notice that I missed something on this list.After reading the lists above, you are probably wondering what you can do with all of those foods. They're made with maltitol (a reduced calorie sweetener) and taste wonderful." She said one of the store's biggest sellers is a 2-carbohydrate-per-slice bread made from almond flour and flaxseed. Dinner was great, the wine suggestions paired perfectly with our meal and over all we had a great dinning experience.
My family filled up on the crusty sourdough bread while my boyfriend and myself picked out the sauted mushrooms for an appetizer.
The veggies were very fresh, needed a bit more seasoning but I can add my own salt.Heard zero complaints from the rest of the table.
There was a slight mix up with the sauce but I ended up with a side of some type of chipotle cream which seemed to work well with the dish.

This location also gives out huge portions of blue cheese dressing, which is the best out of any wing location that I have been to.
Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Website you MUST enable javascript to be able to comment WELCOME! According to the National Academy of Science, children and adults should eat 130 grams of carbohydrates a day. But she said a low-carbohydrate diet can be beneficial by making people more aware of what they're eating. They were nice enough to light the candles for us and later sliced it up and added some fresh whipped cream. I wish I n the servers name because he did a great job, especially with a table full of picky teeneagers. Cate Shanahan“Keto And Paleo Are A Match Made In Heaven” – Jimmy Moore“Fine Tuning LCHF for Optimal Health” – Dr. Jeffry GerberNovember 26 2015Andreas, looking forward to seeing you, Simon and the rest of the media crew in Vail. It's going to be an fun and informative.For those who missed the Cape Town LCHF conference, this will be the next best thing in 2016.
Socializing, networking and spending quality time with others is what these conferences are all about.Hope to see everyone there!2MMMDecember 9 2015I'd like to know why these conferences continue to invite Mr Jimmy Moore who is clearly struggling to keep his weight down with keto and paleo lifestyle - is this not counterproductive of the message being spread here? I've been following Jimmy Moore and several of the doctors that he has interviewed for 10 + years now.

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