Frequently skipping dinner to reduce body fat is not a healthy habit as it leads to a number of medical disorders in the long run. Ingredients required: Boneless and skinless chicken breast, Zucchini cut in fine slices, 2 tablespoons of chopped parsley, 1 tablespoon olive oil, 1 onion, pepper and salt for additional taste.
Directions: Sprinkle the boneless chicken with salt and pepper before adding it to the frying pan with olive oil. All you need to cook this delicious low fat recipe is a slice of whole grain bread, ham, few tomato slices, and baked egg.
From breakfast to dessert, these recipes show 'tasty and filling' doesn't have to mean fattening.

But, you can reduce your body fat as well as keep your body healthy by having these low fat recipes in your daily meals. Add onions after cutting it into wedges and cook the chicken on low and medium heat until it gets brown and thereafter remove it from the frying pan. Add a little bit of cayenne pepper or paprika on top of it and your dinner of baked egg and tomato sandwich is ready. Also, make sure you understand the ground rules to lose weight, so that you don't undo any of your good work. Keep stirring the zucchini until it gets crisp and add it to the cooked chicken and at the end, sprinkle a little amount of parsley and your low fat pan roasted chicken is ready.

You need only 15 minutes to prepare this low fat dinner recipe which will fill your stomach and will also keep you healthy. After a few minutes when the slice of cheese melts, remove the sandwich from the grill and your dinner is ready to serve.

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