Try this Make-Ahead menu of Jalapeno Popper Burgers, fresh salads, Refreshing Low Carb Limeade and a yummy vegetarian Tex Mex Portabella Burger! Thanks to the "supersize" syndrome, McDonald's is often pegged as having out-of-control portions.
Did you know, nearly 15 years ago, Jared Fogle succeeded in his weight loss endeavors by consuming only Subway for lunch and dinner, every day for almost a year? Taco Bell's promotion of the late night "fourth meal" implies an unhealthy night time indulgence in rich, cheesy, over-stuffed burritos. Ever since a manager at a Scottish chain of McDonald’s revealed on a Reddit AMA that the yes, the fast-food joint has a secret menu, the internet has searched high and low for other restaurants that could be concealing a foodie easter egg. With chains like KFC offering simple additions to their regular meals such as the Zinger stacker, and Burger King offering something dubiously named the Suicide Burger, the website is a fat, readable feast of alternative fast food options.
Even Starbucks is believed to be in on the secret menu game, offering up plenty of calorific treats such as the Harry Potter-inspired Butterbeer and the Twix Frappuccino.
Sadly it doesn’t seem that there are secret menu options at places that serve anything under 1,000 calories. Subway was the first fast food chain to capitalize on the public's neverending quest to loose weight with its "7 sandwiches under 6 grams of fat" menu.
If you're looking for a gift that literally keeps on giving, there's no shortage this holiday season. For $240, you can buy the cigar aficianado in your life four premium cigars a month for a year.
Other off-the-wall "of the month" clubs: organic vegetables, steak ($1,135 for a year) and nuts.

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With whole grain breads, low-fat meat options, and plenty of veggies, Subway delivers healthy choices without sacrificing the convenience of fast food.
But it seems this popular chain is encountering an identity crisis--and thankfully for us, it's a healthy one. But on their new Fresco Menu, all items have fewer than 330 calories and only 3g of bad fat. If Hack the Menu is to be believed, there are tons of options available everywhere from Nandos to Taco Bell.
Hot names recently photographed in the gear include: Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, Ben Affleck and Pamela Anderson and Nick Lachey. McDonalds recently hired Oprah's personal health guru to hawk a nutritious adult happy meal. And the Golden Arches has reintroduced the curiously named Willie Munchright, an animated character designed to teach kids about nutrition. The controversial ads feature a couple who's resolved to eat better with a bucket of greasy fried chicken.
Choosing a hamburger, apple dippers, and a 1% low fat milk jug gives you 385 calories, 6g of bad fat, and 645mg of salt, a well-balanced meal for any age-group.
Just remember, a foot-long sandwich may be a good deal, but it's not the best option for calories sake. Their menu now offers Kentucky Grilled Chicken, an oven-roasted alternative to fried chicken pieces.

Replacing high-fat cheeses with tomato-based salsas quickly cuts calories and reduces bad fat without surrendering the flavor your taste buds crave.
In terms of toppings, choose the Veggie Lover's, both with 180 calories, 3g of bad fat, and 530mg of salt per slice. The jovial Jared, who claims to have lost 245 pounds, is still devouring Subway sandwiches.
For $108, you get your choice of hot or mild sauce sent to your door each month for a year.
So ditch the Big Mac, which has 540 calories, 12g of bad fat, and 1040mg of salt, in favor of its happier counterpart. Our top picks are the Fresco Crunchy Taco, which has 140 calories, 2g of bad fat, and 290mg of salt, or the Fresco Grilled Steak Soft Taco, which has 160 calories, 2g of bad fat, and 430mg of salt.
And there's always the pasta of the month club (12 months of sauce, pasta and recipes for $300) for the friend who shuns the Atkins Diet. Also, to cut out additional calories and bad fat, watch out for condiments like mayonnaise and ranch dressing, and opt for a dollop of mustard or a dribble of vinegar instead.

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