DIETING can be confusing at the best of times, but what are the pros and cons of each diet? GETTYDo you know the pros and cons of the many diets available?The Atkins, the 5:2, the low-carb, the high-fat=85 you name it, there's a diet plan for every day of the week.
But do you really know the pros and cons of each? Research shows that 'quick fix' diets barely last a couple of weeks and seldom keep the weight off long-term.
Whilst this diet is okay in principle - cutting out certain carbs can mean cutting out the sugars and processed grains that many carb-rich foods are comprised of - carbs are also one of our major sources of energy.In fact, it is recommended that 50% of our energy comes from carbs.
Good carbs are fine and help keep you full, and they also add fibre, which is essential to help keep us healthy. The principles of the Mediterranean Diet include eating lots of fruits, vegetables, cutting out processed foods and salt and limiting red meat intake.

The problem is that when there is conflicting information it can lead to "diet analysis paralysis". The low fat diet is pretty much what it says on the tin - removing most or all fats from your diet. In fact, it may have done us more harm than good as it has pushed us into eating more carbs and sugar to replace the fats we aren't consuming.
The low-fat food choices available on the market tend to be highly processed, and are often high in sugar and additives.GETTYIt is important to stick to healthy eating plans to keep the weight offHas this medical advice actually made things worse? Try to keep to it most of the time allowing yourself a few indulgences when you need them without beating yourself up about them.
Reduce or Eliminate Refined Sugar The verdict on sugar is getting worse and worse.

Drink More Water Sometimes we don't realise how dehydrated we are until we take steps to intentionally drink more water. Cut Out Deep Fried Foods Have you heard about the new Deep Fried Food Diet?

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