If you've got a redeye flight coming up in United First, do yourself a favor: avoid the sandwich and order yourself a special meal.
Since UA enhanced their meal service earlier this year, gone is the fruit and cheese plate on redeye flights and in is a hot sandwich, wrap, or pannini with a side salad, chips, and cookie. The sandwich, though not horrible, leaves much to be desired so if my upgrade clears at least 24 hours before my flight, I order a special meal. I usually return to Philadelphia Sunday night from Burbank via San Francisco, so the three pictures below are all from UA29, the 10:55p flight from SFO-PHL.

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With the low fat meal and low sodium meal you would probably receive a warmed chicken breast with some red sauce on the side and either orzo or rice with a bowl of fruit or salad and some packaged cookies. Diamond Meat Processing LLC began operations in 1997 and is one of the most reputed and trusted meat processing companies in the region.
Prior to the meal enhancements, all special meals would be cold (as was the fruit and cheese plate), but now that sandwiches have been rotated in, full hot special meals are served.

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