I decided to keep the calories and fat low by using only a small amount of cooking oil, as well as light sour cream. From my Awesome Banana Muffin Recipe to Casseroles, Cakes, Salads and everything in between, all of my recipes are guaranteed simple and tasty! Whisk milk in a medium saucepan over low heat until hot, alternatively if you have a cappuccino maker, heat your milk using this. To make: Place 2 tablespoons of choc mixture into 4 cups, pour over a little milk & stir to dissolve. Sweet potatoes, Low-fat cream cheese, Skim milk and 4 more.. Dutch-processed cocoa powder, Cornstarch, Salt and 7 more..

Special dark cocoa, Splenda granular, sugar substitute and 3 more.. Refridgerated egg whites, Splenda sugar substitute and 1 more..
Sugar substitute, like splenda, Cinnamon, Ginger, Nutmeg and 7 more..
Sweet potatoes, drained, Crushed pineapple, drained and 4 more.. Number varies by their size) cut in 1 squares and 5 more.. Unsweetened chocolate, Strong coffee, Ground cinnamon and 5 more..

Water, Vanilla beans or 1 tsp vanilla extract, Sugar and 6 more..
Cocoa powder, Unbleached cane sugar, Ground cinnamon and 4 more.. While many Jews make latkes only during Chanukah, latkes are great to make with any holiday, special event, or family dinner.
If you are on a restricted diet, dona€™t mess with the recipe to make your doctors happy-you dona€™t have to deny yourself for one special night-just eat less of them-like three or four of them (I dare you).A  In terms of the other ingredients, they are basic, so you dona€™t have to run to Fresh Market or Whole Foods (except to get really good apple sauce) to get the right potatoes, onions, etc.

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