In a stainless steel skillet (or cast iron) over medium to medium high heat, place the grape seed oil in the pan and allow to heat for a few seconds.
The chicken should 'release' from the skillet and the skin will get golden brown and the fat will render out and become part of the sauce. At the 20 minute mark, add the green beans (you'll better flavor if you move them in the sauce during cooking) and cook the entire dish for another 10 minutes or until the green beans are cooked through and still al dente (not mushy, but not raw). Notes: You could also add freshly grated Parmesan, or pre-season the chicken with an all-purpose seasoning instead of Italian.
I like to use low sodium organic free range chicken stock (Swanson makes one, along with other health food store brands).
I cook almost every day because I want to make sure that my family has a healthy and varied diet. Very good, thank-you, my husband thought it was what he calls "sneaky hot",he enjoyed it and wants it again.
The only problem I had was after the first 6 minutes I took the chicken out to turn it over and the sauce had heavily congealed, so I spooned it into a cup and poured 3 or 4 more tablespoons of sherry in and whisked it up, put the chicken back in and poured the thinned sauce over it.

Place the chicken thighs skin down (you should hear a sizzle) and cook without touching for about 8 - 10 minutes. Flip the chicken over and add the rest of the Italian seasoning to the skin side and cook for another minute or so. There is a Mediteranean blend available that is perfect for this dish (as shown in the picture above).
Mix all the ingredients, then pour over the chicken thighs and massage the marinade into them.2.
When it was done, (8 minutes) the sauce had thickened again and coated the chicken nicely, without adding any more cornstarch.
After I removed the chicken from the pan, I boiled the leftover drippings to thicken it up and served it over the chicken and jasmine rice. Wasn't sure how long to marinate it, but I would guess mine could have steeped a little longer than the 15-minutes I gave it. While the skin side is down cooking, add half the italian seasoning and more salt and pepper to the other side (to season both sides).

I will make it again for sure, especially since both my girls ate all their chicken and wanted more. Katz Cohn saysFebruary 16, 2014 at 12:41 am My mother used to make a recipe similar to this. I don't buy honey very often any more, since I have a nasty habit of using most of it on pb and honey sandwiches (yum)! My recent post Menu Plan Monday January 24th-January 30- Easy Crock Pot NightsReply Marsha saysJune 6, 2008 at 5:26 pm I love this!

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