Written by Elena WilkinsLast week Hubby took me out to Portland and we visited Veggie Grill. I still wanted curry, but now I was going to figure out how to make it without coconut milk, which also meant that it was going to be much lower in fat (only about 3 grams of fat in a cup of almond milk). It is somewhat like the cookware I have been using for the last 9 years but better (higher quality), and comes with a lifetime warranty.
I’m making this right now and using sweet potatoes broccoli cauliflower bell pepper and carrot since it was what I had on hand!

Since I cook so much and try to conserve as many nutrients as possible in my food,  I really loved the extra control of this cookware line, especially the thermometer on the lids, which helps me to make sure I do not destroy all of the nutrients my food, while cooking it. I used arrowroot instead of flour to make gf and also added some garam masala spice it was heaven!
If you click on the link to Platinum Cookware site to check them out and decide to buy a set for yourself, I get no kickbacks of any kind.
While not all of their offerings are healthy, they have a lot of great, heart healthy options.

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