High carb, low fat vegan diets, like Raw Till 4 or The Starch Solution for example, are all about consuming foods rich in carbohydrates, keeping fat intake low, and avoiding any animal products. Specifically, Raw Till 4 focuses on unlimited fruit as being the major source of calories and carbohydrates, while The Starch Solution is about starches, like rice, corn, and potatoes as being the main source of calories and carbohydrates. It is important to include foods that are fortified with vitamin B-12, or supplementary sources of vitamin B-12.
In addition to promoting the best health for ourselves, a whole food, vegan diet supports the best health for our planet. If we stop filtering our nutrients through the bodies of other creatures, we can go straight to the source, plant foods.

I also just feel more at peace knowing that I am living a healthy life with countless benefits, causing less harm to others and the planet, and being able to do the right thing and what aligns with my values, all at the same time.
Carbohydrates satisfy the hunger drive, while fat offers very little satisfaction for the hunger drive. We become healthier, we leave animals alone, and we are able to feed more people more efficiently and sustainably, while wasting less precious resources.
As of right now, for the majority of my life (over 20 years), I have consumed meat, dairy, and eggs. Starting on April 22nd, Cowspiracy will be available to watch for just $1 for one week only.

Since becoming vegan and adopting a high carb, low fat, primarily whole foods diet and lifestyle (June 2014), I have experienced and continue to experience more benefits than I can even put into words. I can breathe deeply when I run, I am building muscle, and I am able to quickly recover from exercise. My hair and nails are strong and healthy, my teeth are white, and scars on my skin that I never thought would heal are actually healing.

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