One of the most important things you can do for smooth and glowing skin is drink plenty of water. To help heal pimples and clear away blackheads, boil one teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in a liter of water and apply it to the affected skin area.
Lemon juice can be used to cleanse your skin, lighten spots and scars, as well as soften and smooth it. This citrus-rich fruit contains cleansing enzymes that remove dead skin cells and make your skin smoother and fresher. To lighten dark spots and acne marks, you can use freshly squeezed lemon juice and apply it to your entire face and neck. For soft, smooth skin, mix lemon juice and egg whites and heat the mixture on low flame for a few seconds.
To heal a pimple quickly, use a cotton swab to apply tea tree oil directly on the affected area every few hours. Papaya contains a natural enzyme known as papain that has antibacterial and wound-healing abilities. To use papaya as a skin toner, mash a few pieces of ripe papaya and apply it as a facial mask. Regular application of papaya juice helps reduce freckles or brown spots due to sun exposure. I am a 15 year old nigerian and i dnt knw of any natural spot or pimple remover can you pls recommend any for me? There’s a reason why Jennifer, 45, has the most enviable hair in Hollywood: It contains a magic trifecta of features that can make you look totally vibrant and youthful. Gone are the days when women “of a certain age” (whatever that means) were expected to wear their hair at an above-shoulder length. The bob is still a strong trend and Viola, 48, has the perfect mix of shape, layers and shine. As for updos, stick to the same core goals: It should look uncontrived and bring light to your face. If you want a really short, easy hairstyle, take a cue from Patricia, 56, who has recently adopted this choppy crop.
This classic haircut is not only popular in aged women but also, it is the choice of today’s young girls. Women with natural curly hair can go for mid-length haircuts that land just above their shoulders or even shorter.
Viewers of "Kourtney and Kim Take Miami" witnessed a gruesome sight on the latest episode when reality star Kim Kardashian found herself covered in blood. Naturally, Kardashian had the procedure done while the cameras were rolling, so anyone who was watching saw her squealing in pain while blood (which was drawn from her arm) was injected into her face. And while some believe that the procedure can be effective, at least in the short-term, scientific studies have yet to prove that it has any long-lasting effects. Fashion forward and beauty oriented, always interested in whatever is trendy and hot hot hot! When Carole Maggio started her Facercise regimen in 1981 and popularized it in the 1990s, who knew it would blow up to be a full-blown spa treatment--one featured in major international department stores and hip pop-up shops?
It's officially a thing--there are now aestheticians who can provide private spa sessions as well as conduct face training remotely via Skype.

If consistent runs can help sculpt killer calves, can regularly exercising your face condition the muscles to promote a more youthful look? But proponents of workout facials do believe that just as traditional exercise--when done consistently and with intensity--can transform the body, a facial exercises promise the same for the visage.
Consciously engage underlying muscles throughout these exercises--don't rely on your hands to do the movements. To supplement these exercises, Boldis also recommends certain foods and nutrients to help boost collagen production. And perhaps adding some facial oils and topical treatments into your beauty routine can help boost the results, too.
When shopping for body and facial scrubs, make sure the products contain healthy, natural ingredients that will exfoliate, nourish and protect your skin.
With its excellent astringent properties, lemon is a great natural cleanser for people who have oily skin.
Some people can be allergic to the oil, so it is highly recommended to try it first on your inner wrist area before applying it to your face. It gently sloughs away dead skin cells and rough patches to reveal super soft, radiant skin underneath. Demi, 51, is an excellent example of how you can continue to wear long hair as you age gracefully.
Here, Ali, 40, got it right by loosely pulling her hair back and leaving a few tendrils falling around her face. Here, Paula, 51, has them styled perfectly: They’re piecey across her forehead, so as not to be overwhelm her eyes. It’s especially great for fine hair types who don’t have the natural volume to wear long hairstyles. A short pixie haircut not only accentuates aged woman’s face, but also it makes her look more impressive. As layers frame the face and help softening the facial features, it is good to have a layered haircut. While Frank says the vampire facial is "relatively safe," Copeland points out that it's important to be aware of the inherent risks that come with handling blood.
According to expert face trainers, engaging the facial muscles--of which there are over 57--can tone, lift, and firm skin on the face, while also improving blood circulation and oxygenation, and stimulating the lymphatic system to help cleanse toxicity. Rosalyn George from the Wilmington Dermatology Center believes full-body exercise can do these things just as well. Face trainer Erika Boldis of Desiredface has developed her own European Workout Facial to rejuvenate the facial muscles and skin for a more youthful glow.
With your index fingers and thumbs, make a "C" around the each eye with your pointer finger curved over the eyebrow and firmly against your skin, and your thumb firmly against your cheek. With each palm firmly against each cheek, pull the top of the upper lip and lip corners up toward the temples, exposing your upper teeth and gums. Place each palm on each side of your forehead, with the bottom edges of the palms resting on the eyebrows, holding forehead skin firmly in place. Place the outer edge of each palm against your nasolabial folds (where laugh lines would be) and the bottom edges of each palm on the top of the jaw line.
Make sure to get plenty of lean protein, garlic, dark-colored fruits, dark green vegetables, beans, avocado oil, flaxseed, rose hips, dark chocolate, vitamin A, vitamin C, and omega-3 fatty acids.

Look for natural scrubs at the store, made from sugar, or create your own sugar scrub at home. Lighter pieces around the face will brighten up your skin for radiance, while light-reflecting shine and a swingy movement give an overall impression of being in excellent health.
Also, bangs can cover up forehead wrinkles, but be careful, because they also cast shadows over your eyes, which could exacerbate the appearance of dark under-eye circles.
To get the look, sweep your hair to one side and use a few bobby pins at the back of your nap to keep the neckline clean. Now, they can look good with various haircuts as per their face type, hair texture and personality.
According to a website named Hairfinder, aged women don’t have to follow any strict guidelines for bob styles but yes, they should take care of their facial features and hair color. A haircut with some length at the back provides with an elegant look and feel.  It truly complements the personality of the aged woman by emphasizing on her facial features. Also, a short or mid-length haircut can draw the attention away from the wrinkled neckline and shoulder areas.
One of the most important things is to consult from the stylist before opting for any haircut. Having beads of sweat trickling down the forehead while huffing and puffing to the finish line is never the most glamorous moment.
While she advises starting out with a training session to really refine technique and maximize results, here she shares some exercises to start out with at home. With the eye shut, slowly squeeze your eyelids to close tighter, then relax the tension without opening the eye. Allow your eyebrow muscles to raise themselves, like a surprised look, and then back down, like an angry look.
George suggests that sun protection and utilizing products with vitamin C and vitamin A could do the trick. Here we discussed some great haircuts for women over 50 that will surely make them young and attractive. Because hairstylist is someone who knows what looks great on different facial features and hair types, it is good to have a meeting before making any decision. It works by using a facial massage technique to stimulate the lymph glands to drain toxins from the face. Also, they will get the details of some low maintenance haircuts that are free from regular trimming practices. There is no need to maintain it further and a woman over 40 can easily carry it with real elegance.
They will not only enhance the entire look if this cut, but also, they make hair more voluminous. Washing your face at least twice a day with water will also help improve your skin’s health and appearance.

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