An oval face shape is considered to be the perfect face shape, so in order to make your face look thinner and more sculpted, you want to shape your face so that it looks more oval. The second shade which should be your highlight color, should be one level lighter than the first, preferably with the same undertone. The last shade which is your contouring color, should be one level darker than the first, again preferably with the same undertone. Take the second foundation (your highlight shade) and apply it to the high points inside the oval. Finish up the process by applying powder to your face after you’ve blended all three foundations. Basically, everything you highlight comes forward and everything you contour stays in the background.

The most important thing to remember is to blend the foundations really well because the blending process is what makes the sculpting method work and look natural. This includes your forehead, under the eyes, at the top of the cheekbones and the tip of your chin. This includes the the temples, along the hairline, the sides of your cheeks and down the jaw.
By thinning out the face using the makeup techniques below, you’ll be surprised at what a youthful glow your face will have and what a difference it will all make. So in short, you want to highlight your good features and contour the ones you want to hide. The width of the oval is your eye sockets the height and length of your oval extends from the tip of your forehead to the tip of your chin.

So say your face is a little fuller, this will attract the attention to the narrow area to the middle of the face. By deepening these areas, your are making them visually recede and your face to appear more narrow and oval. So use a regular one for your regular foundation, a lighter one where you highlighted and a darker one where you contoured.

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