There’s a reason why Jennifer, 45, has the most enviable hair in Hollywood: It contains a magic trifecta of features that can make you look totally vibrant and youthful. Gone are the days when women “of a certain age” (whatever that means) were expected to wear their hair at an above-shoulder length. The bob is still a strong trend and Viola, 48, has the perfect mix of shape, layers and shine. As for updos, stick to the same core goals: It should look uncontrived and bring light to your face. If you want a really short, easy hairstyle, take a cue from Patricia, 56, who has recently adopted this choppy crop. Also I think its important for older women to use make-up brands that cater to older skin, mostly with things like foundation, face power etc. While some artists have mastered the Photoshop brushes to give some of their models a much needed face or eye lift, Russian artist Vadim Andreev uses those from the make-up artist kit.
Soft lighting and Vaseline-coated camera lenses aren't the only ways to blur the lines of aging.
Demi, 51, is an excellent example of how you can continue to wear long hair as you age gracefully. Here, Ali, 40, got it right by loosely pulling her hair back and leaving a few tendrils falling around her face.

Here, Paula, 51, has them styled perfectly: They’re piecey across her forehead, so as not to be overwhelm her eyes. It’s especially great for fine hair types who don’t have the natural volume to wear long hairstyles. Use it under and around your eyes and blend the same to the surrounding skin so as to merge the difference. And when you apply the liner, pull the left eye to your left and the right towards your right slightly. Foundation and concealer can sometimes sink into wrinkles and a good primer will prevent this. And his results are sometimes so jaw-dropping it’s hard to believe the pictures weren’t retouched!
Lighter pieces around the face will brighten up your skin for radiance, while light-reflecting shine and a swingy movement give an overall impression of being in excellent health.
Also, bangs can cover up forehead wrinkles, but be careful, because they also cast shadows over your eyes, which could exacerbate the appearance of dark under-eye circles. To get the look, sweep your hair to one side and use a few bobby pins at the back of your nap to keep the neckline clean. I, older at the age of 50, would definitely love it when a few faces turn around here and there on the street or at a party to see me.

It is a fact that the primer fills the lines and wrinkles and, prepares the skin for the next make-up application. Using only cosmetics, Vadim transforms women into stunning cover girls, and can do an equally good job with carnival make-up as well. Products such as Clinique and Mac are cheaper hence most popular with people with less disposable income.
But, as the saying goes, ‘all women are beautiful, but only some know how to look beautiful’. That being said, the most important thing you can do to look and remain looking good is taking care of your skin so it is naturally radiant. If your skin is radiant then all you need is maybe a bit of eyeliner smudged and some nude lipgloss and you will attract more admiring glances than someone who has a makeup mask on. Make up should be used to accent the features not cover up the existing features and painting on new ones.

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