Here are some ideas for you: You can just do a basic cat eye makeup with black bold eyeliners. Whether you want your makeup done for an event, a wedding perhaps, or would love to learn how to apply the latest trend to your makeup routine, our makeup artists at Reveal Salon & Spa in Omaha know how to make you look just right for any occasion. The first step of makeup is to apply a good base in order to hide any facial imperfections such as blemishes, dark circles, pimples, pigmentation or uneven skin.
Use the purple eyeshadow along the lower lashes in a broad line – so that it gives the smokey and smudged effect. Use the rose blush on your cheeks – extending it from the apple of the cheeks upwards to the top of the ear. Fill the lips evenly with the pink lipstick and then use the darker pink lip liner to line them. Or, you can add bright colored eyeliners or white eye shadows above the thick black eyeliners.
Whether you’re in the mood for a natural or dramatic look, we can do both or anything in between.

We’re always attending “trendy” technique makeup classes, and practicing new styles every day. Three or more reservations missed or less than 24 hour notice cancellations in 6 months will require a credit card to hold all future reservations.
Other products purchasedat Reveal Salon & Spa may be returned within30 days, when accompanied with original receipt. I used three MUFE eye shadows and a MUFE lipstick here, but as always you can just find similar colors in your own stash (though MUFE has some beautiful bold eye shadow colors). In order to do so, cut the fake lashes from the sides so that they fit your natural lash line without extending too much at the corners. There are two tutorial pictures for you to follow so that you can do a basic cat eye makeup by yourself. Just follow the steps and you will find it so easy and you will fall in crazy love with the cat eye makeup.
Next, take the foundation and, using a sponge, dab it all over your face and then slowly even it out so that it doesn’t seem that you have applied foundation.

For this, take the pinkish brown eyeshadow and dab along the crease of your upper eyelid – extending outwards, right below where the eyebrow ends.
However, while applying this, do ensure that the purple eyeshadow is clearly visible below it.
Let’s practice the basic ones and then try to make them outstanding as you become a veteran of doing the cat eye makeup.
You may have to use the eyeliner again on top of the fake eyelash line in order to make it look more natural. Take the light golden eyeshadow and apply along your upper lash line – starting right from the inner corner of the eye. Ensure that you do not extend it, either inwards or outwards, more than the natural lash line.

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