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The Mediterranean diet is a Utopian myth, it is the perfect theoretical diet that actually doesn't exist except in the minds of 'nutrition' experts. And to think, it was the NYT that introduced Taubes to the world - Med diet, all I can say is that when I was in Turkey and Morocco (highly recommend both) it took a lot of thinking to keep my carbs down, and that was including the fact that walking all day everyday meant I could eat more.
Taubes mentioned that Ancel Keys visited the Mediterranean after the war, so maybe the food was different than what it was before the war. Anyone can say they visited the Island of FuFu, and the islanders ate a diet rich in FuFu berries. The Mediterranean area comprises a whole bunch of countries, which in turn contain lots of regions, villages etc where the cuisine differs from village to village, region to region.
That said, fatty salami, fatty meats, bacon, lots of raw milk cheeses of all kinds, high-fat dairy products (mascarpone is 82% fat), plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables would be a common factor. The Mediterranean diet matches a moderate low-carb diet more closely than the proponents of the Med diet would like to believe!
My theory is that there is something in all this high-fat food, or something in food processed using the lactic-acid fermentation method, which raises the enzyme content of food, which serves to protect these populations from the possible damaging effects of the carbs they eat. I think some people in the food community feel that way, but Nose -to- Tail eating has gotten a lot more exposure of late. If you take an honest look at the history of the Mediterranean, there was way more variety and quantity of meat than what's currently recommended & available in the US. I am really glad that unusual (by today's standards) cuts of meat or offal are getting better press - I presume these programmes are on TV in the USA; The names mean nothing to me here in Germany, I'm afraid. As for the Mediterranean, I must track down a book by a Brit who lives in Spain, I think he's called John Barlow, who is on a mission to eat every part of a pig which is cooked in northern Spain, Galicia, I think.

I live in Spain, and I have to say that the traditional diet is mainly fats, protein and a few veggies. Bernstein Diabetes Solution and any other healthy low-carb diet or plan, all are welcome in our lowcarb community. This week researchers reported on a link between Mediterranean-style eating and better brain health. She released a pyramid for the med diet in this series of blog posts, and it was heavy on grains (but whole grains, you know, not simple carbs - which I think is like smoking filtered vs unfiltered). He was saying that the true mediterranean diet is actually heavy on fat, and relatively low on carbs. The prime material is of course pork fat: a honeycomb of slits are made in the fat, and sea salt rubbed into them. Just a few decades ago, there will have been parts of the Mediterranean which were virtually isolated. They do eat bread, but just a few decades back, that would also have been made in differently than today. If I want to lose weight, I am strict with the carbs and it works a treat without my ever feeling deprived.
Have Americans been so brainwashed by the "boneless skinless chicken breast" crowd that they will not or can not recognize real food anymore?
And, even then, I bet if you found someone who could time-travel from fifty years ago or so, who knew that fatty meat is the tastiest meat, they would exclaim when presented with a boneless, skinless turkey breast, "Why on earth would anyone want to eat such a dry and tasteless piece of meat?!?
Sometimes beans or lentils or other legumes are used in dishes and hardly ever you see potatoes. If you stay away from the tourist trap places where they sell food that is adapted to the tastes of the tourists, you will find a wonderfully rich yet healthy and clean offering of a very wide variety of great low carb food!

But every time a new report emerges on the health benefits of Mediterranean eating, many consumers are left scratching their heads.
The entire thing will lead lots of people into thinking that if they eat tons of whole grain and fish, they can lose weight.
The sides of the conca, a large tub-like marble pot, are rubbed with garlic before the first layer of salt, herbs and spices is put in it, followed by a layer of fat. I only feel hungry when it's a normal mealtime, and don't suffer from huge lows between meals like I used to. Chefs like Anthony Bourdain, Fergus Henderson, Gordon Ramsay, and Andrew Zimmern have all featured unusual cuts of meat either at their restaurants or on their TV programs. Older people here do eat things like boiled pigs' trotters and all sorts of processed sausage which is made of leftovers from the slaughtering process.
Fish too is a lot on the menu, and when you order meat like steak or poultry you always get it quite fatty or with the skin on.
How could countries that gave us pizza, lasagna, steak frites and lamb souvlaki teach us anything about healthful eating?
Layers of ingreidients are alternated to fill the container, which is closed tightly with a lid.
I suppose that would make a good argument against the centralization & industrialization of our food supply.

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