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Parents with obese children can help their kids drop pounds by losing weight themselves: study Want your fat kid slimmer? Obese kids lose weight more effectively when parents drop the pounds with them, new research suggests.

Parents with obese children can help their kids lose weight by dropping pounds themselves, according to a new study. More than restocking the fridge or parenting styles, researchers from California found that a parent's own weight is the most influential factor and key contributor to the successful weight loss of an obese child.
For their study, researchers examined the effectiveness of three types of parenting skills among 142 families.
But the latest parent-child obesity study runs counter to another analysis published in 2010 in which researchers concluded that parental influence on their child's eating behavior is limited.

It's estimated that about 31 percent of American children -- or approximately five million -- are overweight or obese. Parents serving as role models and shed weight themselves proved to be the most inspiring and motivational method for their own children -- more than making changes to the home food environment or enrolling kids in physical activities, researchers said.

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