Ever felt so desperate to stop your bingeing and get thin that you took drugs or diet pills? The only days I would eat would be when I didn’t take a pill and then I would binge on huge amounts of food. My binge cycle would start and end with me sitting on the bathroom floor crying trying to make myself throw up. I am back at school for my junior year, and still have days when stress makes me want to run to the kitchen and eat everything in sight, but I remember all the work I put in to get back to where I am and I do not want it to go to waste. The actual reason you got depressed while on concerta is because of the way concerta works. Well you were pregnet so you could not help your wieght and you had to feed the baby in you. My friend Deb Elwell told me that for almost anything you don’t know how to do, there is a youtube video on how to do it. When my husband (then my boyfriend of a month or so) bought me a set of custom golf clubs and started teaching me how to play, he had me complete a mental checklist of my stance, hands, thought pattern, etc.
I know I ate when I was upset, stressed, when I didn’t think I was pretty enough, or a guy didn’t call me back and now I realize how much I was hurting myself in the process.
Not prescription, but these awful herbal things that landed me in the doctor’s office with heart palpitations!
I have gained 70 pounds since last Christmas and my man keeps calling me fat, I’m not the girl he fell in love with, ect. I also took concerta last year, bought it from my EX boyfriend, it was worse than adderall, so addictive and made me SOOOO depressed I wanted to die, but what I thought was that I would rather die than be overweight, so I took the pills. When I was 7 I rode my bike to the local pharmacy after saving up all my allowance for weeks. My self-esteem is much higher and I now have the confidence I was lacking before I started taking it. I started Adderall when I was about 12 and I lost a crucial amount of weight and looked really good. When she went to college and joined a sorority, her eating and restricting got out of control. I stopped going out because I thought I was too fat and stayed in my room when all my friends would go out for the night. Living with a bunch of girls was hell on earth for me and I found myself rummaging through the kitchen whenever I was alone. Now that I am aware of these triggers I can take myself out of the situation and do something more productive rather than hurt myself because it won’t make things better.
I took them for about a year in college, just desperate for anything to help me lose weight and stop bingeing.

To the point where I dont even fully undress in front of him, and when we are intimate it’s quick and I can see the disgust on his face. I cant remember the actual word for how adderall works, and i’m too lazy to pull up wikipedia. I went from 90 lbs to 150 lbs up until I reached the 7th grade, there I was 160 at my highest. The adderall was 30 mg and i took it the first time and i thought i had hit the lottery, never in all my 38 years had i felt so GREAT!!!! I would continue the binge cycle at home and wait for my parents to go to bed when I would raid the pantry. They didn’t even do anything more than make me jittery, but I became psychologically dependent on them. Pills do not work, and the reason it was so depressing is because of the reality in knowing that one day the pills would run out..but there is Hope, and I have found it now after going through that ugly period! I was prescribed both concerta and adderall at young ages, and while i was on concerta- i had horrible, HORRIBLE depression. One pill all day and i actually got off the couch, cleaned my house, went for a walk, didn’t need to stop and nap for 2 hours.
A year after I got out of high school I got pregnant and had to stop the adderall right away. I lost all my friends since I stopped going out at night and food, it seemed, was my only friend. Although my grade skyrocketed, I felt like a zombie and became very unsocial (due to fact that I was drugged constantly) (maybe too high of a dose? It was embarrassing for my muffin-top to bulge over the top of my size 10 blue jeans, so I always wore loose t-shirts to hide it.
I eventually made my way over to campus health and started to go to a food group where girls could talk about their problems.
I was on stackers in the past, before they took the afedra out, and I lost a ton of weight but there where so many people abusing them that they stopped selling. I get hit with ALMOST everything in the side effects booklet of adderall whenever i take it. I felt better about myself during the two times I reached a weight of 135, but I could never loose any more than that.
I felt GREAT, looking back I dont think I realized how skinny I was (miss that) but after my weight loss after the 8th grade summer I stopped Adderall right away. I eventually did, and lost majority of the weight through diet and exercise and now I am a recovering binge eater.
Then this year for my birthday (3 years later) I looked a picture my friend had took of me and I noticed I WAS HUGE AND I HADN’T EVEN NOTICED THAT BIG OF A WEIGHT GAIN.

I am supposed to be taking one 30mg tablet in the morning and another in the early afternoon, but I never take the second dose. Im still struggling and trying to get back to my normal weight but im very fearful of not being prescribed this adderall anymore. While explanations do get MUCH more verbose and repetitive when i take adderall, i don’t feel compelled or have the desire to talk. I often skip lunch due to the decrease in appetite, but I always make sure I eat a full meal for dinner. For example, I would pause in the middle of sentences & forget what I wanted to say more than the average person.
Keep living like you already do, take a pill a day, and effortlessly lose your excess weight. Adderall was a blessing coz not only did it help me go from 150-130 lbs so far but also have better focus and overall communication. Idk where this will lead me but I plan to stay on it not for my weight but for my ADD my doctor swears I have. I dont even care about my weight anymore, I love the benefits of helping those who truly suffer from ADD symptoms. Common side effects of topiramate include somnolence, fatigue, depression, attention disturbance, memory impairment, cognitive disorder, impaired psychomotor skills (i.e. Contrave was recently approved (under the name Mysimba) but is not for sale yet as I write this (September 2015).These two drugs work on different receptors in the brain to control appetite. Fortunately this one actually shows a lot of promise and can speed up weight loss quite significantly.This drug is an injected variant of a satiety hormone called GLP-1. There are many other similar GLP-1 drugs for treating diabetes type 2, but none of them are sufficiently tested or approved for treating obesity yet.Saxenda already available in the US at the fantastic cost of $1,000 per month. Other people get a lot more than the extra 12 pounds lost in a recent study – this is only an average.Finally Saxenda only works as long as you use it. Only you can decide.For most people even the best weight loss drug in the world can only be an optional complement to other treatment, mainly lifestyle oriented treatment. But surgically removing healthy organs is rarely the best way to treat a disease caused by a hormonal imbalance.

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