When I signed up for the I’m Taking Charge challenge, I wanted to lose weight and get back in shape. Thanks to the challenge, today I am self-confident, I became a strong woman, and I can overcome anything life throws at me. In the fitness Industry what separates those at the top from the rest is that they are continually striving to learn more. Even after all these years and being at the top of the field Charles continues to read more and learn more each and every day.
Having the privilege to travel with him amongst fellow colleague Daine McDonald and world-class weight lifting sensation Dmitry Klokov on this latest world tour has been a great first hand learning experience. In the jam-packed 3-day Clean Health Fitness Institute Poliquin & Klokov Training For Strength Sports 3 day bootcamps, you will learn trade secrets from two of the top authorities in the world of strength and athletic performance. With the wealth of knowledge from world-renowned strength coach Charles Poliquin and the vast real world practical experience of world champion and Olympic medalist weightlifter Dmitry Klokov, you will walk away with the knowledge and skillset of how to produce superior and injury free athletes. There are at least seven norms that relate to weightlifting and Charles also has all the norms for different sport to achieve optimal performance based on his years of studying the training logs of those athletes. The Olympic lifts and their variations are amongst the best exercises for developing power and improving athletic performance. For someone with a background in musculoskeletal rehab even I was amazed by some of the tricks I picked up. In this module Charles will teach you how to program for the different motor qualities and how to periodize training to peak for competition.
You will learn how to train for hypertrophy, strength and power and how to determine how long each athlete needs to spend on each training block. You will also learn the reference lifts for each sport and the optimal strength levels required to reach peak performance and prevent injuries. As mentioned previously the Olympic lifts and their variations are amongst the best exercises for developing power and improving athletic performance.
However unless you have been taught by a professional the correct way to perform them chances are you are doing them wrong. Not only that but you get to see Dmitry live and in person handle some mind bending heavy weights. On the last day Dmitry discusses the importance of selecting the right assistance exercises to correct technical flaws and weak muscle groups. Here you will learn how to identify weak muscle groups and the best exercises to strengthen weak muscle groups and correct sticking points.

You will also learn how to perform the assistance exercises correctly and how to program them in. In 2015 the Clean Health Fitness Institute is hosting camps in Stockholm, Toronto, Las Vegas, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne in collaboration with Strength Sensei. Coach Charles Poliquin aka Strength Sensei talks about the benefits of extended sets for hypertrophy development at CHPC Sydney City. Coach Charles Poliquin aka Strength Sensei talks about the benefits of using the face pull to balance out upper body hypertrophy development at CHPC Sydney City. Charles Poliquin Fat Loss & Hypertrophy Seminars at the CHPC: Sat 23-Sun 24th November! World-renowned strength coach and health and fitness icon is coming to Clean Health in just under two weeks!
One of the most common questions I get asked is what is the best program to bring up a lagging body part. In summary, it involves training the same body part three consecutive days per week looking at targeting more of a specific muscle fiber type or strength quality each session. Please note the above points are just a guideline for when you are programming your own split. The information on this website is for entertainment purposes only and should not be seen as a substitute for working with a qualified professional. The answer is anaerobic exercise, and in fact this type of training doubles the fat loss you’d get from aerobic training. After all one of my top mentors Charles Poliquin always reiterates that you have to learn more to earn more. For example both Charles and Dmitry agree from years of studying the logs of world-class weightlifters and practical experience that you cant clean and jerk X amount until you back squat Y amount.
I have been a trainer for over a dozen years but I had never been taught to perform the Olympic lifts. He goes around to every single student in the class and coaches them personally until their technique is satisfactory. CHPC client and CAPO Australian 52kg and 56kg class raw powerlifting national champion and record holder Lauren demonstrates in the video.
CHPC client and CAPO Australian 52 and 56kg class raw powerlifting national champion and record holder Lauren demonstrates in the video.
He will be delivering two information packed 1-day seminars, which are open to the public… This is the first time in over 15 years that Charles has lectured openly on these topics in Australia so it is not to be missed!

My answer to that one is that there is no perfect program, as what works for someone with five months of training experience compared to someone with five years of training experience will differ. Former Mr Olympia and all time fan favourite bodybuilder, Zane is still regarded as having one of the most aesthetically pleasing physiques of all time and apparently this was one of his favorite techniques for balancing out his physique. Using this theory I like to start day one lifting heavy then finishing on day three light… so thinking more your higher threshold motor units or fast twitch muscle fibers on day 1 (type 2B) before you move on to your mid range (type 2A) and then slow twitch (type A) in days 2 and 3. For most people it can be done 4 out of every 12 weeks, potentially more for those with a greater training age. Given that there are three different types of estrogen, and different pathways for its elimination, this is far from overkill and is the smart and effective way to get results. At rest, women burn more glucose than fat, but during exercise women burn more fat, even more than men do. Perhaps you haven’t heard this already, but weight training is far superior for fat loss than jogging for 60 minutes on a hamster wheel. I can admin that even I can’t squat with proper range unless I elevate my heels substantially. Learn how to effectively design energy systems workouts so that you can lose the most amount of fat in the shortest amount of time. However, over the years I have found three great methods that time and time again will bring up a lagging body part in record time! I suggest you try the following program, which gives the lower body twice the work it gives the upper body and therefore twice the burn. This may be acceptable for bodybuilding when hypertrophy is the main goal but not for athletic performance. You will learn how to find out which is most important for you based on your physiological needs and budget. Within minutes Charles had me squatting ass to grass with the mobility techniques he showed the students in class.
I first heard about this from world-renowned Strength Coach Charles Poliquin during a week long hypertrophy internship in Sweden back in 2010. Those of you who have followed Zane know he was always a big proponent of over-training weak body parts in order to bring them up and this is no different.

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