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Program) also conducted school-based surveys of students in grades 9--12 in their program intervention areas.
Nation), schools with any students in grades 9--12 were selected with probability proportional to school enrollment size. In 2007, a total of 26 communities had weighted data and granted permission to include their data in this report. Each community data set and the national data set were cleaned and edited for inconsistencies.
62 failed quality control and were excluded from analysis, leaving 14,041 usable questionnaires (Table 1). Across Steps communities, prevalence did not vary substantially for more than one half of the risk behaviors.

MPH, New York State Department of Health; Pennsylvania, William Barbour, Pennsylvania Department of Health.
Tribe: Cherokee Nation, Oklahoma, Julie Deerinwater-Anderson, MPH, Cherokee Nation Health Services.
Table 1295th percentile for body mass index (BMI), by age and sex, based on reference data.
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