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Competitor – Tons of articles about running, tips, training information and features on amazing runners. Hal Higdon and Jeff Galloway – two legendary runners offer the best training plans for everything from a 10k to a marathon. Marathon Guide – List of all marathons in the world with reviews, link to marathon site and more. Just curious, but did I miss where this changed titles from “Just the Tip Tuesday”?
You listed some great sites, including a few that I didn’t know about, but will check out?.

I visited a lot of running websites and I need to find out more about Asia running scene as most of the time I will travel around in Asia.
Super motivational – just hit up Pinterest and search “Running quotes” or “Running Motivation” for a push out the door. If you want to be fancy you can read professional runner’s blogs like Kara Goucher (who updates her FB more so I’m sharing that), Ryan Hall, Meb’s Words and a BIG suggestion to check out –  The Fast Life by Lauren Fleshman via RW that is great AND  Remy’s World which is the funniest running blog around!
I use coolrunnings for their pace calculator, runnerworld for training plans… and yea that is all! Can spend so much time with that thing, and it’s an awesome tool for runners to have. I love reading about people in different parts of the country, checking out different races they run and getting different tips!

Final details are not yet available but we can definitely get the discussion going for this! Hop on there and search #running or #runchat or #motivation and you can find lots of great photos, suggestions, motivation, links to articles and discover tons of new running blogs (I think I’ve started following 20+ new blogs since joining twitter!).
I love the community I’ve started to foster, I’ve been missing out for far too long!
I love so many running blogs they are always great for inspiration, and I always check out runeatrepeat for a good laugh after a painful run!

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