One time personalized weight management, nutrition diet.chart by our Doctors, Nutritionist & Diet Chief as per your Weight, Medical status, Food likes & dislikes, lifestyle, craving, past weight-loss experience, motivation, Travel Schedule, Religious Fasting, Time Management etc. If you have Diabetes, Heart disease, High Lipids, High Uric-acid, Hypothyroid, PCOS, Renal dysfunction etc. Special Diet for Specific Medical Condition, so that, you, not just lose weight but also improve on your medical condition. Disclaimer :we do not claim that we have treated all the celebrities shown in the video programs of various Television channel featuring our doctor or clinic. Telling another human being, or the whole world, for that matter, how much you used to weigh, or how much pain you used to experience takes a lot of courage. Angela's Testimonial a€“ How I lost over 100 pounds with the Raw Food Diet Weight Loss Plan!
What's Your Raw Food Weight Loss Success Story?Have you personally experienced an amazing weight loss or health transformation through following a raw food diet?

TIP OF THE DAYYou know, with the raw food diet, you really CAN have your cake and eat it too!
We are there to give you food options, work on cravings & motivation, you can lose weight even with Home or Restaurant Food. Slim on phone patient education video showing consultation and details for the patients to understand the clinic weight management program better.
Not only are thousands of scrumptious raw food desserts possible to make, but you can enjoy every one of them, knowing they are live, wholesome, healthy and good for you! Any product shown in the site are not for sale and not for distribution, Charges are only for diet counselling and courier. For some, it was strictly for the weight loss benefits, and for others, it was their last hope for turning around supposedly a€?incurablea€? physical conditions.
If your submission is accepted, you will have your own dedicated Raw Food Diet Testimonials page on this website!

Because there are so many different ways to approach the raw food diet, it is helpful to read how others began their journey. Select it and click on the button to choose it.Then click on the link if you want to upload up to 3 more images. You can find easy raw food recipes that take just 10 minutes, or gourmet raw food creations like pizza or lasagna or burgers to satisfy those cravings!
Often the nuggets of information you find in testimonials have been discovered through trial and error and personal experience alone, and can't be found in any books.

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