What if there was a pill you could take that extended your life by ten, twenty, fifty years? A life-extending pill might sound like science fiction but by understanding the body and its biological processes, scientists are able to identify the causes of disease and counteract them. The current formula for a longer life is a cocktail of healthy food, antibiotics and vaccines; but before I tell you the secret to eternal life, you need to understand aging.
Healthy food, antibiotics and vaccines can all slow down aging, but the shortening of telomeres will still have a large effect.
Lab mice were engineered to lack telomerase, which caused them to age faster, become infertile, and be more susceptible to age-related conditions than usual, showing how important telomerase is.
To see what effect telomerase would have, the mice were allowed to reach adulthood, when telomerase was reactivated for a month. Most interestingly, the mice with reactivated telomerase had larger brains than the mice lacking the enzyme.
Mice with reactivated telomerase had increased fertility, recuperated intestines, and reverse aging in the brain, showing that telomerase can act as an anti-aging agent. There’s also worry surrounding telomere research, as telomerase is mutated in some cancers and tends to make tumours grow faster. While telomere shortening isn’t the only factor that contributes to human aging, it’s certainly an interesting step forward for medical science. It’s almost accepted as common knowledge that steroid users lose most of their gains once they stop juicing.
We’ve all heard the myth of the side effect of steroid use being when you stop using steroids all kind of bad things happen. This being said, you’d think that somebody would experience almost no beneficial side effects of steroid use once they stop juicing for a decade. More recently, these researchers again set out to make yet another discovery involving muscle. This line of thinking goes against what many have commonly thought about steroids, in that they only provide results during and shortly after a cycle. When sports organizations suspend an athlete for using roids, it’s usually only a short-term ban, such as four months, a year or, in the worst case, two years. Gundersen’s words are backed up by a study that was done in Sweden involving power lifters. How many of aging's negative effects could be manipulated and even erased by a psychological intervention?
In a radical experiment in 1979 that was featured in a New York Times Magazine cover story last fall, Langer and her grad students decided to take this question as far as they possibly could. The results were extraordinary, but the research was also so unorthodox, so small, and so lacking in rigor that interpreting exactly what those results mean requires caution. Since Langer couldn't actually send elderly people into the past, she decided to bring the past into the present.
Eight men in their 70s stepped out of a van in front of a converted monastery in New Hampshire. The men didn't just reminisce about what things were like at that time (a control group did that). They discussed historical events as if they were current news, and no provisions were made that acknowledged the men's weakened physical state; no one carried their bags or helped them up the stairs or treated them like they were old.
And according to Langer's account, most of those improvements were much more significant in the group told to live as if it were actually 1959; a full 63% of them had better intelligence test scores at the end of the experiment than they did at the beginning, compared to 44% in the control group. But as Rebecca Tuhus-Dubrow noted in The Boston Globe Ideas section, in a story about the power of placebos, "there are limits to even the strongest placebo effect. Langer has talked and written about her "counterclockwise" experiment many times in the decades since it happened.
In an interview about his cover story, Grierson acknowledged that while Langer's unorthodox techniques may inspire wonder, they should also provoke skepticism. Coyne takes issue not only with the unpublished counterclockwise experiment, but also with some of Langer's other work a€” especially her plans to test her theories in an upcoming study of cancer patients, who will be told to live as if it is 2003, before they had any signs of illness.
The media and general public seem to be especially captivated by the counterclockwise study a€” intuitively appealing in a society so fearful of aging a€” but it's of course just one part of Langer's decades-spanning career. Awake at the Bedside: Contemplative Teachings on Palliative and End-of-Life CareWhat Do You Really Want?: How to Set a Goal and Go for It!

I promised, back in the beginning of this series, that if we would open our minds to a simple possibility we would also be able to see an alternative to aging other than death …which, of course is certainly one alternative, is it not? Speaking of crazy, an estimated twenty people jump off the Golden Gate Bridge each year which, of course, is certainly one terrifying way to stop aging …but we’re looking for reversal.
Let’s use this as a segue into looking at some of the spiritual issues for just a moment by reviewing the prayer of my new friend Bob that I shared last time which basically was, “I can’t stand the pain any longer, please just take me home” and which, in my mind, triggered a complete healing …all the pain and suffering gone, within just two days. I have made the following statement on podcasts, but I don’t think I have ever put it into an article: To the degree that organized Christian groups are ruled by money, the above referenced power is the ipso facto ruler of that group. Before we forget it, the other father, some of us think of as “our heavenly Father” rules over the spiritual realm. If you can accept the possibility that the Biblical “Garden of Eden” is a real place, albeit in the spirit or unseen realm; and further that, in the original language, the term translated in English as “eternal life” literally refers to the parallel existence that is ongoing right this moment in which there is no “beginning or ending” and which can be accessed or entered into NOW, in this moment, then you can start living with an entirely different view of things.
One of the things the religious have done to us, in their argument that there is an “afterlife” which they refer to as heaven, is to build a tradition which is basically understood as that this parallel existence popularly referred to as heaven can be entered into only at the death of these physical body bags we occupy. It is important to realize that my argument here is limited to the word “only.” You see, there is a passage in the Bible which clearly reveals an alternative. Read the following aloud and hear, really hear, it: The above referenced passage clearly reveals that there is a kind of “faith” that is not only available, but that without which there is no pleasing God. You see, my new friend, Bob, trusts our “heavenly” Daddy, but it is the other “father” the “father of lies” who would have liked to have sent him “home” via death …because Jesus said that is this, “father of lies,” small “g” god’s primary purpose, that is, to kill these body bags we occupy. Bob received healing which is part of the over-all purpose of our SPIRIT-PARENT …so that even if Bob’s prayer was amiss, our Dad stepped in.
As to “all prayer” …if we can get it into our consciousness that the kind of “prayer” Jesus taught was that of making a declaration, not asking, but declaring …in fact even demanding …not demanding Dad to do something, but making the declaration that it is already done. I told them that our first job was to declare that she was healed and then to get rid of all the obstacles which included some spiritual stuff actually invited by her friends’ prayers.
Now the way to stay in the Garden of Eden is by avoiding the mistake made by the original couple.
One of Brad’s Favorite Resources!Dr Robert Anthony has been one of Brad's favorite go to guys for insight and wisdom. Telomeres are “caps” at the end of each chromosome, made up of a repeating nucleotide (gene code) sequence of TTAGGG. It contains a compound called Cycloastragenol, which is derived from several species of plant in the Astragalus genus. Mice that have been genetically engineered to completely lack telomerase age faster, are largely infertile, and are more susceptible to age-related conditions than normal mice. The mice were subjected to conditions that humans aren’t, so the use of telomerase as an anti-aging treatment in humans is likely to have mixed results.
Some researchers argue that, by protecting damage to our DNA, telomerase should prevent cells from becoming cancerous in the first place. Your muscles shrink significantly, your muscles turn to fat, you aren’t nearly as strong, and your workouts suffer after a cycle.
But Norwegian researchers have recently proven that this thought might not be entirely true.
And these extra nuclei greatly aided the mice in packing on more muscle in a short amount of time. In fact, he thinks that the improved muscle-building results could last a full decade later. But based on what the Norwegian scientists discovered, juicing could give one an advantage for many, many years to come.
Researchers Anders Eriksson and Lars-Eric Thornell were able to determine that lifters who’d taken drugs before and were doing little to no training had about the same number of cell nuclei in their quadriceps as clean athletes who were undergoing high intensity training. Your meals are in a cafeteria, your recreation is at scheduled times, and you're surrounded by other old people, mostly strangers. But Langer thought that maybe, just maybe, if you could put people in a psychologically better setting a€” one they would associate with a better, younger version of themselves a€” their bodies might follow along. They were instructed to behave as if it were actually 1959, while the control group lived in a similar environment but didn't act as if it were decades ago. And expectations of the declining cognitive and physical abilities that come with age are pervasive.
She offered the most detailed record of it in a chapter of an Oxford University Press book she coedited.

See how “crazy” we can make things if our heads are stuck in the sand of there is no other escape, well there is, but we need to have our minds opened to it. Depends upon how we look at it; some people would mean by, “I can’t stand the pain, please just take me home,” that they wanted to die and go to heaven. Depends, again upon your perspective …based on my perspective, Bob enjoys his physical life immensely and probably is quite happy that his prayer was answered differently than having to go through death. If you would like to hear me say it vocally, for the record, go to the top menu bar on this website and click on the tab “Podcasts,” then scroll down and click on number 27 and when you finish that one go back through the same process and listen to #28.
This “faith” is a never ending, close personal relationship with God, beginning this moment and never ending …and further, avoids physical death altogether!
In a recent podcast I told the story of a woman who was healed of debilitating (and also terminal as declared by her doctors) form of muscular dystrophy, to which several Christian friends (among which the most vocal was her husband), were urging her to give up her painful fight and just “let go” and die to escape the pain. When I arrived at their home he admitted his motive was for me to convince her that she needed to let go and die to get relief from her pain and suffering. After four years of a losing battle with the disease, in just a short time she was (and remains) fully recovered! Every time a cell duplicates its genetic code, it makes tiny mistakes, called mutations, and, loses a small portion of the code’s end, or telomere. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the species have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. There’s also the fact that humans and mice are only about 85 percent genetically identical. Reviews are mixed, but the FDA considers it to be “Generally Recognized as Safe.” I’d certainly give it a try. In fact, their study shows promising results which indicate that using steroids now could help you easily put on muscle much later in life. To set up their study, the scientists gave mice small amounts of testosterone for a short period of time. In other words, power lifters could still have an advantage over opponents long after they stopped juicing. You've been robbed of your autonomy, maybe even your identity a€” the very things that make you you may be more tied to your past than your present, and nobody expects very much of you anymore.
From the original language one could make the argument that the word translated as “lies” could also be rendered “illusion” so that we could legitimately ask if Jesus was saying that the physical world is illusory, some scholars believe exactly that.
I didn’t say it, the writer of the New Testament book, Hebrews, said it and it is quite clear that is what is being said, even in a rather poor English translation. She said, just as emphatically, “Oh yes” …at this I turned to her husband and said, that I was glad he said that he believed in Jesus, because Jesus said that he had come to bring abundant life (in both the physical and spiritual realms, but the enemy had but one two-fold purpose: Destroy our faith in and connection to Dad and kill these bodies we occupy. Other organs affected by the lack of telomerase, such as the spleen, liver, and intestines, recuperated from their less-than-perfect state.
Three months after the mice stopped receiving the testosterone, their muscles grew by 30% following six days of exercise. Given these results, it’s little wonder why the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is debating whether to increase their doping ban from 2 to 4 years. And this is certainly a welcome thought to many amateur bodybuilders out there who are considering steroids.
I basically was telling him that he and others who were urging her to give up were serving the enemy. Without the proper proteins, cells stop being able to do their jobs as well and eventually die. Contrast this to the group of mice who weren’t receiving the drug, as their muscles grew just 6% in the same time span. Everything inside a€” including the books on the shelves and the magazines lying around a€” were designed to conjure 1959.

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