While browsing on facebook, i saw a somewhat motivational photo about running and weight lifting and as you can see I really had to talk about it because it made me think that there are a lot of stupid people out there in the world. So, what’s with this motivational photo that should push you towards weight lifting and not running…?!
After reading such crap about running, if you didn’t know any better, isn’t it true that you would go towards wight lifting or bodybuilding? I’m into weight lifting more than into running but what i saw in this motivational photo is plain retarded.
Running reduces cortisol levels and helps eliminate stress despite of what you see in that pro weight lifting motivational photo. 99% accurate way to find out your real body fat percentage with a in depth video presentation! Recent Commentsadmin on What Are the Effects of Smoking Cigarettes on Muscle Gain?alyce tyler on Stretch marks in bodybuildingElizabeth on Rumble Roller Vs.
A common exercise log contains workout information such as date, time of day, type of exercise, duration of the workout and the expected calories you burned with the workout. There are number of exercises that your health instructor has advised you to do which may include walking, running, weight lifting, yoga and many others. People use this log at home to find their waist to hip ratio which tells them if they are getting healthy or need some more workouts. Doctors and physicians use this log for the incoming patients to tell them if they need to put down some weight or not. Physicians and gym instructors use this log to create a workout plan for their clients who want to cut some fat around their belly or hips. Related TemplatesDaily Workout Log Template A workout log which is also called daily exercise log is a written document which keeps record of every act they perform in this scenario.
Maintaining low rates of cholesterol and blood pressure are also great ways to keep heart disease at bay for men. It is important to understand heart disease and how it affects men, since according to the University of Minnesota, men die at a younger age than women from this condition.
Arginine supplements can help with these symptoms and get them under control, so the person in question can live a healthier, heart disease-free lifestyle. What Our Customers say…"My kidneys are better now since I have been taking this product, and I just recommend it highly to anyone who needs to have their health brought back to normal without taking any medications. J’ai, que cela soit lorsque je boxais, ou maintenant que je cours toujours insiste sur le renforcement musculaire, et pour plusieurs raisons.
La premiere est que pour bien fonctionner dans une discipline, boxe, course, tennis, … la machine ( le corps) ne doit pas avoir de lacune musculaire, hors la plupart des activites creees  des desequilibres musculaires. En boxe par exemple, l’epaule du bras avant du boxeur va etre plus endurant, mais moins puissant.
Lors du Marathon de Londres, je me suis bien rendu compte de ma faiblesse sur toute la chaine posterieure de mes cuisses, c’est-a-dire mes ischio, et mollets.
J’ai garde cette bonne habitude durant toute la saison de Cross-Country cet hiver, et pour la preparation du semi-Marathon, et Marathon de Paris.
Voici, par exemple une des seances que je realise toujours sous forme de circuit, et toujours en sous-max ( ne pas travailler avec la charge maximale que je peux soulever ), le but n’etant pas de devenir Body-Builder, ah ah ah.
Car lorsque vous courez, il faut etre le plus economique possible et donc essayer de garder le plus possible son corps  sur un rail, et ne pas avoir un corps qui part en couilles de gauche, a droite. Most people imagine strength trainers to be muscle-bound, lacking in mobility and grace­ful posture.
Incorporating key stretches into your strength­training programme will result in greater muscle growth and the enhancement of muscle shape. Stretching elongates the fascia, a strong protective sheath of connective tissue covering all muscles and their cells, allowing the muscle underneath room in which to grow. Stretching improves posture as well, and gives the body a more athletic or graceful appearance instead of that clumsy awkward gait that many bodybuilders develop.
The muscles contain receptors called muscle I spindles, which register information about the, muscle’s length and rate of change of length. Tendons – which attach muscles to bone ­ also contain receptors called golgi tendon organs (GTOs), registering information about the degree of tension in the tendon.
Strength through stretching is related to your GTO threshold, which limits a contraction well short of the point at which tendons would be injured. You should only stretch when your body is warm and the muscle is receiving an increased blood flow. Alternatively, stretch in-between workouts as a separate session but only after a thorough warm-up – 5-10 minutes of some light aerobic activity. Stretches performed at the end of a work­out, or during a separate session, should be held for 30 seconds or more to allow stretching in the connective tissue and muscle.
Keep your thighs level, knees close, and push your hips forwards until you feel a good stretch.

From a kneeling position, take a large step forwards so that your knee makes a 90° angle and is directly over your foot.
Place your elbow on the outside of the bent knee and slowly look over your shoulder on the side of the bent leg. Rotate both legs to each side, keeping your head, shoulders and arms in contact with the floor. Place one hand between your shoulder­blades, hand pointing downwards and elbow pointing upwards. Use your opposite hand to gently press down on your right elbow until you feel a stretch in the triceps. This informations can help too , the people who need informations about How to Get Shredded: The Ultimate Guide!
Well that was their main idea too, to make you believe that running is bad for your health!
Foam Roller for relieving muscular pain in bodybuildersAlex on The end of Ronnie Coleman’s gym days and bodybuilder life is here!
People usually record their workout routines in order to verify if they are getting fit or still the exercise isn’t working. To give a broader overview of a person’s health, it’s important that the exercise log also includes some personal notes such as the mood of the person during and after exercise, weight before and after exercise, amount of sweat the exercise produced and if that person is feeling any discomfort after a specific act. Sometimes it’s not that easy to remember all those workouts and it’s even more complicated when you are asked to perform a specific workout routine every day. It’s a very useful tool to record the fitness or progress of a person over time as he or she is working out. There are a number of risk factors that can come together to create heart disease and equally as many ways to try to stay healthy and fight it.
Arginine supplements can help with this, since these supplements are directly responsible for increasing circulation in the heart and making the blood pump through the chambers of the heart more efficiently. Men already tend to be smokers in greater numbers than women and they tend to suffer more from high blood pressure and high cholesterol. These supplements are essentially amino acids that help the body to function better overall.
A well-rounded approach to good health is key for men to prevent heart disease and supplements are a small part of that.
Fascia tissue can become thick and tough if the muscles are not stretched and are subjected to a limited range of motion. It can1 prevent muscle soreness and promote faster recovery between workouts, helping to release1 lactic acid from the muscle cells into the bloodstream so that it does not hinder further: muscle contraction. So whenever there is a rapid change in muscle length, a reflex action is set up to shorten or contract it instead.
When a high force is registered, the GTOs enable the muscle to relax in an attempt to reduce the tension, thus acting as a safety mechanism. Thus ballistic stretching can cause the muscle to contract and so increase the chance of injury. Stretching gives the muscles the ability to contract more efficiently without shutting down in response to stretched tendons. The higher the GTO threshold, the more intensely you can train, and the greater the gains in size and strength.
Stretching a cold muscle increases the risk of injury and reduces the effectiveness of the stretch. As the muscle relaxes, ease further into the stretch, gradually increasing the range of motion. I just passed to let you know that there is a website that allows to customize stretching posters. He underwent a serious surgery at the hospitalDNN on Where does Rich Piana’s money come? Recording workout routines or making an exercise log is a very useful technique which helps you to monitor your weight loss, strength you gained over time and results of the workout on your body muscles. As you are trying to lose some weight, you may also keep a food log or calorie intake log which shows the amount of calories you are taking, some people also put that information on the exercise Log as it’s easy to check and operate in this way.
Health instructors also provide a brief description of every workout technique and the calories burned in one hour if you perform it.
As one assumes or finds out that he is […] Weight Loss Log Template If you think that you are getting fat or already gained a few extra pounds, it’s time to do some exercise or workout to lose the extra weight. From eating a healthy diet to taking arginine supplements to getting exercise and fresh air, the more tools you have in your arsenal to fight off heart disease, particularly for men, the more healthy you will be overall and the better chance you have of keeping it at bay. He can take all of the prescription drugs and arginine supplements in the world, but the truth is that unless he gets moving, he doesn’t stand a chance of being near as healthy as he needs to be.
Once blood pressure and cholesterol spin out of control, a man is just a ticking time bomb waiting for a heart attack or some other heart episode to occur.

Good nutrition, frequent activity, low rates of stress and refraining from smoking are all great ways to keep heart disease at bay.
If the intensity of a muscular contraction or stretch exceeds a certain critical point, an intermediate reflex occurs to inhibit the contraction or stretch. Static stretching that is carried out slowly and in a controlled manner will lead to a reflex relaxation of the muscle.
Stretching your muscles regularly can help raise your GTO threshold, some experts estimate, by up to 15-20%. Many people, who use a workout log, consider it as the most important thing which inspires them and keep them motivated to work harder. This way you can prepare a schedule by yourself for your daily workout such as you can walk for one hour on Monday where you run on Tuesday only for 20 minutes.
Also if you have consulted to a professional health instructor and you found out that you are not fat but soon you will be, you can control it […] Fitness Log Template A fitness log is a documented proof of your progress in losing weight or eating balanced diet. While exercise is certainly one of the most important pieces of the puzzle, it is certainly not the only way to get healthy and fight heart disease. There are a number of other steps a man can take to be more heart-healthy and just more healthy overall.
Not only does it provide numerous health benefits but it can also enhance your muscle size and shape. As a result, the muscle instantly relaxes and the excessive tension is removed, and with it the possibility of injury.
Kids are lame spotters!admin on Old bodybuilder – Then and now pictureCarry on The end of Ronnie Coleman’s gym days and bodybuilder life is here! Sometimes it’s important that you lose some weight or burn the extra calories which you have gained during the past few days as you don’t want to get fat or look ugly. Although the workout duration is different but the amount of calories burned during those exercises is the same. This log also helps to achieve a perfect and healthy body either by exercising, working out or talking less calorie food.
To start, adding a regimen of exercise on a daily basis might help to make the heart a bit stronger and even ensure that the man in question sheds a few pounds.
This chapter gives you a thorough checklist on safe and effective stretching and explains exactly what happens in your muscles when you stretch.
This occurs during and after a workout, so stretch between and after sets, and at the end of your training session. He underwent a serious surgery at the hospitalJonathan Hilliard on The end of Ronnie Coleman’s gym days and bodybuilder life is here! There are many other techniques that help you to lose some weight but working out is the most convenient and easy way to do so.
This is an essential part of a person’s life who is trying to lose or […]Meal Log Template An average person needs about 1200-1300 calories per day for staying healthy and when we exceed this limit, this extra amount of energy in our body alternately damages our lungs, heart and stomach by producing fat and variation in blood pressure. Additionally, limiting exposure to cigarette smoke, controlling diet and losing excess weight can also help men to stave off heart disease. Finally, it gives you a step-by-step guide to the essential stretches that will benefit your workouts. If the GTOs did not exist, it would be possible to have a stretch or contraction so powerful that the muscle or tendon would be torn from its attachments!
This means that one has to keep a […]Blood Sugar Log Template Blood sugar which is also knows as blood glucose in general language, is the body is fuel that goes to brain, nervous system and other tissues and muscles of the body. A healthy and perfect body produces blood sugar from carbohydrates, proteins and fats and it’s very important to keep […]Fitness Schedule Template Fitness plays a vital role in one’s life as it is mainly concerned with a good physical condition that results from regular exercise and proper diet. It is about your good health, higher energy level, […] Food Nutrition Log Template If you are asked to buy an electronic appliance or any household item like a television or radio, would you like to buy it without checking its quality or will you purchase a vehicle without test driving it?
This way it’s important to take care or look after the drivers to keep them healthy and not asking them too much to provide. For example a company asks a driver to drive a truck to […]Visitor Log Template If you are an owner of a business or running a huge company all by yourself, it’s not that difficult for you to understand the importance of meeting different people, visitors, clients and customers on regular basis.
As you have to meet hundreds of people every day, it’s not possible to […]Phone Call Log Template Sometimes it’s necessary that you remember the exact conversation you had with one of your clients, partners or someone else over the phone.
But it’s not always possible to recall that conversation or to remember it exactly in the same way it happened.

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