They are incredibly delicious, and a lower-carb option than naan (spongy Indian flatbread), but cooking them in oil is not the healthiest (or safest) option. I know it sounds too simple, but pappadams cook perfectly in the microwave and lose none of their flavour from the lack of oil. Depending on your microwave, you may need to cook in 15 second spurts until your pappadams go from a dense, opaque disc, to completely beige and contain many puffed up air pockets. I love my pappadams with my go-to butter chicken recipe, but cooked this way they are a delicious and light side that can be paired with any meal that could benefit from a bit of extra crunch. I hope you like my Thursday Tip — I like to offer a tip every week as part of hosting the Party in the Kids Kitchen! As a subscriber bonus, I'll be sending you a free copy of my ebook, 20 Easy Dessert Recipes!
Actress Zoe Kravitz adopted a unique diet to lose weight for her role as a woman battling an eating disorder in “The Road Within” – she drank clay.

The star dropped 20 pounds to portray a woman with anorexia and bulimia, and she says she wanted to lose the weight the safest way she knew how.
11 Reasons Dehydration Is Making You Sick And Fat - Health & Weight Loss Done!Health & Weight Loss Done! The consequences of lack of water in the boy can be headaches, fatigue, kidney problems, bladder, skin and digestive problems.
When you will wake up in the morning, you have to drink two glasses of water that will increase the blood pressure to normal levels which is healthier way than have coffee on an empty stomach.
The consumption of soda, sweetened juices and other drinking fluids do not hydrate the body as well as water does. Now we will present you some pictures and advices that will help you to maintain optimal health and to prevent dehydration. Mine takes anywhere from 30-45 seconds depending on how many pappadams we have on the plate!

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The body needs water as much as it breaths in.  It’s really important to keep your body hydrated. Your system needs large amounts of fresh water do deal with the excess sugar and salt in your body. Try to drink extra glass of water after your coffee if you want to eliminate the risk of dehydration.

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