But why can’t I lose weight with PCOS?  There is no point in blindly following an exercise routine and changing diet after diet, hoping something will work.
To answer this question, we need to understand why we accumulate weight in the first place. And then there are the usual suspects : over eating, lack of exercise, poor food choices, etc.
Instead of cramming too much information in a single post, I decided to handle them separately and then talk about ways to “beat the (broken) system”.
I have been looking for a blog like yours for the past two years and I am very excited to continue reading all the information that you post. I have heard great things about the GI diet (southbeach) and I have been trying it out for the past week or so. Actually it is a great idea to maintain a page with the list of food and its carb and GI index. This past march i went on a diet and excersied like there is was no tommorw and just could not lose the weigh i did everything under the sun. To know IF you can lose weight you must have your Serum Insulin Level checked… If 11 and lower you cam lose… If 12 plus guaranteed not to! It is only now that i realized that PCOS is a lifetime disease and we need to maintain the symptoms with a disciplined lifestyle.
I was diagnosed with PCOS after a miscarriage earlier this year and am the type to avoid chemical intervention if at all possible. It’s unfortunately that PCOS for so many years has been sort of swept under the rug, as an irritating condition which should be solved by the patient losing weight (which, when you have PCSO seems nearly impossible). When I did get the weight under control I was always hungry and used straight willpower not to eat in spite of my hunger. When I was pregnant with my second child 8 years ago I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes (which temporarily receded after the pregnancy). At the end of my rope and fearing that I would not be around for my beautiful kids if things continued thus, I talked to my primary doctor about my experience with insulin during pregnancy.
Diet, massages, gym, yoga, aerobics, supplements, hyped weight loss shortcuts – I have done it all ! Kanan lost 30 kgs weight in her late 40’s and that too without any professional help. Rahul works in a semiconductor company as a senior engineer and has always been super passionate about health and fitness.
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If I lose even a single pound, I am very happy throughout that week and it gives me motivation to exercise more, eat right… generally the world seems to be better.
The first step to smarter weight loss is to understand the root cause of weight gain and tackle that.
Even if you don’t have PCOS but have Insulin resistance due to other problems (like Thyroid problems) it is good to understand Insulin resistance and work to bring balance to the system. Insulin is a hormone that facilitates the absorption of this glucose into the cells to be used as energy.
I will write about the other problems with weight loss, exercise routines, recipes to work with this system (I will also review popular diet systems) and supplements in the coming weeks.

Yes GI diet is much better for PCOS, we just have to be careful to no cut out all the carbs. I will add it this week, I do have values of a lot of food that I have collected over the years… good idea… I will add that page! I have again started working out in the gym regularly and this time i want to be well educated on how to maintain my weight along with PCOS in control.
Weight and Nutrition gurus like to make it sounds like it is our fault for getting fat, and that all we need to do is lose weight and it magically goes away as if it is a symptom of gluttony. SO I am attempting to cure it with nutrition (modified Primal diet) which is totally and entirely possible, but I find that I am super impatient as well. I apologize in advance for the length of my post but I am hoping this information may help someone out there. I had all the textbook PCOS symptoms and throughout my life tried lots of weight loss programs: Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Diet Center (the best in my opinion for PCOS), and as a teen lots of crash diets. During my 2nd and 3rd trimester, I was put onto and followed a very strict very low carb diet with insulin injections.
Even with eating a low-carb diet, taking Metformin for my PCOS my blood sugar was way out of control.
Several glasses of water right when I wake up in the morning – before coffee or food). In this struggle to become fit, I have spent lesser money on some helpful measures and wasted a lot, on useless marketing gimmicks.
Indian Weight Loss Blog is the space to share genuine ways to lose weight(fat) and be as healthy as possible. She shared her weight loss story on IWB as a guest author and there has been no turning back since then. During my recent visit, my doctor told me that if I want to improve my symptoms, I have to lose weight, for the umpteenth time. As blood sugar (glucose) rises in the blood after a meal, the pancreas releases insulin to facilitate the absorption of glucose from the blood into the cells.
If you have a lot of symptoms, just ask your doctor that you feel you have PCOS, have difficulty losing weight and would like to be tested for insulin resistance. I wasn’t overweight but suddenly by graduation I was 10 pounds heavier, without changing anything in my diet or exercise plan.
From this Friday the posting schedule is Monday, Wed, Friday and a recipe or a review on the weekends (book or a diet or something else that is related to pcos that is being sold… I most probably have tried them all ?? ) So at least 4 times a week and if I feel really down someday I might rant off without a schedule so during those weeks more than 4 times. So I suggest take baby steps… Yoga really helped me initially when I was diagnosed with PCOD for the 1st time!!
But I didn’t spend the last 28 years of my life living with food guilt because I WANTED to be this fat. I am 28 and trying to start our family, but the longer it takes the harder it is to keep up hope. Even though I was diagnosed to have PCOS an year ago, I had the symptoms from the puberty onwards like irregular or absent periods more than 4 months. Even in the medical community there is such a lack of awareness of the body chemistry with this condition. I gained 15kg in my pregnancy and almost went into depression thinking how I am going to lose so much of weight.

She is very passionate about health and wellness. She was called a skeleton way back in school but she managed to gain 17 kgs during her graduation.
I start thinking – “what is the point?” and it turns into a down ward spiral from there.
In the case of Insulin resistance, the body becomes increasingly less responsive to the action of insulin. I can send you a couple of (medical) journal articles that talks about how important insulin resistance is in PCOS, you can either forward it to your doctor if she has email or bring it with you when you go to the consultation and ask her what she thinks about it.
Now I have substituted Quinoa as my carb (Quinoa is 30 vs 110 for the regular jasmine long grained white rice uuggghhh). I appreciate the fact that you are going through the same things as the rest of us and have a better understanding of what our experiences and needs are than some of the doctors I have seen. I got married in 2010 and left the use of both the medicines and now i have gained all the 20kgs and i am back on square one.
I have dieted wisely, strictly, foolishly, and halfheartedly, and never have I ever found even the littlest bit of success except when I literally starved myself for 2 months, and even then all I lost was 10 lbs.
I am working with an alternative medicine doctor this week– she has had success with PCOS and hormonal imbalance on other patients.
This dream makes her share her real life experiences during her weight loss journey on IWB.
Even if I eat a single scoop of ice cream, I can see a double scoop of fat accumulate in my mid section, but slogging in the gym doesn’t reduce a single pinch of that stubborn fat. When I learned I had PCOS at least I found some relief in knowing that there was a reason for the weight, the moods, the migraines, the days-long sugar cravings, and the WRETCHED menstrual symptoms.
I am yet to reach my ideal weight but I got rid of PCOS without any treatment  by following the right diet. I exercise, I don’t eat junk… but I just can’t lose any damn weight.  Every single calorie I eat is stored as fat. As a result, it takes more insulin to cause cells to absorb the appropriate amount of glucose which means the pancreas has to produce additional insulin. Eventually even the overproduction of insulin may not be able to maintain the metabolism of glucose within the normal range, resulting in elevated blood glucose levels and insulin levels. In India though there are some Ayurvedic medicines which are available that help regulating the periods.. I have decreased my blood pressure meds and I am seeing surprisingly healthy looking blood pressure and pulse readings.
Now something I read in magazine about pcos clicked and I’ve been doing some online reading. Menopause and female hormone problems seem to be the kicker that throws us into this metabolic balancing game.

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