My chihuahua loves food and treats, but since she's so small (3lbs) she has a hard time eating bigger things.
This review is only for this product as ordered through BTA-MALL (which I don't recommend doing):I ordered the large bag and it arrived with all the treats in pulvarized tiny pieces. Understanding the glycemic index of common food will help you to make the best low glycemic index meal plan. The food you eat should come primarily from the low glycemic food lists, as that will ensure that you reduce your fast carb consumption. Milk is usually fairly high on the GI, as it contains a good deal of sugar in the form of lactose. However, taking the sugar out of milk isn’t really possible, and trying to will just increase the fat in the sugar. It’s a tough balance to achieve between fat and sugar, but the good news is that there are low fat and low carb milks that you can try. For example, 2% milk is fairly low in fat, and there is a brand of milk called Carb Countdown 2% milk that is low in carbs as well. However, if you want to find milk that’s low in fat and carbs, you should try soy milk.
Pearled barley is the grain that contains the fewest carbs, which means that it’s excellent for a low carb diet. If you can find barley that has been de-hulled, it will make a wonderful replacement for oats in your breakfast meal. Barley will taste a bit stronger than oats, but the addition of natural sugars from fruits and raisins can help to make it tasty. Thanks to its high fiber and low carb content, barley will be a much better choice for your low glycemic index diet. Most people think of bread as being fairly high in carbs, and white bread is one of the few foods ranked near 100 on the GI. White bread is one of the worst things that you can eat while on a low glycemic diet, and even brown bread will have a stronger effect on your glucose than you might like. Many people turn to lower GI grains for their bread, which is why oat, barley, and corn breads are so popular among those on a low GI diet. Corn tortillas are a good replacement for bread, as they have a much lower GI ranking than bread.
They may not be as rich in fiber as some of the other foods on the GI, but they’re not too high in carbs. Sprouted grains will actually be an excellent option if you’re trying to keep your glucose levels low.
They tend to have a much larger kernel than grains like wheat, which means that they’ll take longer for your body to digest.
Sprouted millet, barley, and soy beans will make excellent bread, and it will be much lower on the Glycemic Index than regular breads. The addition of fiber to breads can also help to reduce carbs, as it lowers the Glycemic Load of the foods. Look for breads that are rich in fiber, as they’re the ones to eat while on the low carb diet.

There are many types of pasta noodles, but almost all of the noodles you’re accustomed to eating will be too high in carbs for you to enjoy while on the low carb diet. Those trying to reduce their blood sugar levels will have to cut back on the noodles, as they’re just going to have too much of an effect to be included in the diet. However, the good news is that there are noodles that you can eat while on the low carb diet.
Companies like Dreamfields make noodles with special grains that are lower on the GI than wheat, and they won’t affect your blood sugar levels as much. These noodles are made from a Japanese root called Konyaku, one of the starchiest vegetables on the planet. The root is actually surprisingly low on the Glycemic Index, and the noodles will be excellent for you to eat while on the low carb diet.
They’re not going to replace pasta for marinara or Bolognese sauce, but they will be a form of noodles that you can eat while on the low carb diet. Here is a glycemic index chart infographic with the glycemic index values for many different types of food. Most protein rich foods are low in carbs, as there is almost no sugar or starch in the protein.
Make sure that it’s real sausage meat and not the processed hot dog versions that are sold in the supermarket. The fat in the bacon will actually jump start your metabolism, and the egg protein will be the lean protein that you need to keep your muscles working for hours.
If you eat one whole egg and two egg whites, it will be a protein-rich meal that will keep you going. There are many low carb breakfast drinks sold by companies like Diabetic Meal Rx, and they can be a good way to start the day off right.
Adding some dietary fiber to the drink and dropping in some fruits can help to make a morning smoothie with all the right ingredients. Oats tend to be fairly limited in their carb content, so you’ll find that eating a bit of steel-cut oats for breakfast can be the way to go. Barley will make an excellent breakfast cereal, though you’ll have to try a bit harder to make it tasty. Peanuts make a delicious sauce to drizzle over your steamed winter veggies, most of which will be fairly low in calories. Simply heat crushed peanuts in a pan with some soy sauce and rice vinegar, as well as the spices of your choice. Cook your favorite winter veggies, and use the sauce to add some delicious flavor to your meal!
The best low carb foods are the ones that are rich in protein, and both tuna and salmon are loaded with protein. They also contain healthy Omega 3 fatty acids, so they’ll be perfect for your low carb diet. Adding a can of tuna or a salmon fillet to your daily meal plan will ensure that you are getting the right amount of protein, all without adding carbs to your diet. They taste a bit nutty, but they’ll be a wonderful addition to any salad or soup you make.

You can serve them cold or hot, and they’ll give you lots of nutrients without adding too many carbs to your diet.
Hummus makes an ideal snack thanks to the fact that it’s very rich in fiber and protein. You can add any flavorings you want, and it will be a delicious meal that you can’t help but enjoy!
Few people think of radishes as being a handy snack, but it can really be a tasty treat if made right. Squeeze a bit of lemon over your radishes, and add salt and some chili powder for a spicy snack. You will find that even sweet cheese can be fairly low in carbs, and the soft cheeses make a tasty snack. Dip some celery sticks into Camembert or cream cheese, and you have a snack fit for the gods. These low carb food ideas will help you to snack on the right foods, and they’ll ensure that you follow a balanced, healthy diet! Yam Treats are made from California-grown sweet potatoes dehydrated to crispy, tasty perfection. But rawhide and other types of treats can cause digestive irritation, allergic reactions, and even choking or blockages-not to mention all those added chemicals! With so many people around the world suffering from diabetes, low glycemic index diets have become much more important. You’ll avoid all the lactose and fat naturally found in dairy, and it will give you all the calcium you need for a healthy body. If you want to eat grains while on a low glycemic diet, barley will be the grain to go for. If you use the grain in its natural form and grind it into flour yourself, it will be much easier on your body. They can be a good alternative if you want to eat starch without overdoing it on the carbs. They make all kinds of noodles, including spaghetti, macaroni, lasagna, and more, and they’ll be a good choice if you just have to have some noodles. They are a bit rubbery, but they have a very nice Oriental taste that makes them a great choice for your soups and Asian meals.
You can make low carb hummus using chana dal, an Indian lentil that makes hummus every bit as delicious as regular hummus. If you want a healthy snack that will keep you going for hours, go grab a handful of nuts and chow down.
Made from nothing but freeze-dried sweet potatoes, Yam Treats satisfy your dog's urge to chew while being gentle on their digestive system. With their chewy texture, sweet smell, and delectable taste, Yam Treatstantalize even the finickiest of canines.

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