To get the purest colour, your hair needs to be lifted to the colour of the inside of a banana peel. Treat your hair like the delicate fabric it is, and it will reward you with double-takes, a confidence boost, and the best ice breaker there is for awkward events where you don’t know anyone.
For the bright-haired babes out there – what do you wish you knew before you went bold?
Toffee, honey, caramel, strawberry, peach, wheat, champagne – No, I’m not listing ingredients for a cocktail, these are just some of the delectable shades you could achieve in blonde!
So whether your colour muse is Gwen, Jennifer (Aniston, Lopez OR Lawrence), Cara, Taylor or Rosie, these tips will keep your blonde tresses looking glossier for longer. As you might well know, your hair could be a bit more fragile after a lightening treatment. I’ve already written a post about how to look after sensitised hair here, where you could read more about my product recommendations. This has two uses – to get rid of unwanted brassiness, and add a beautiful shine to your hair. I really hope that you managed to get a few tips out of this, and would love to know what YOU do to keep your blonde looking gorgeous!
This year has been great, but it also felt like I was missing something big – specific direction and goals.
Love Scarlett is a beautifully designed online journal, featuring a team of people, including fitness instructors, sommeliers, photographers, DJs, and hair and make-up artists, to name a few. I’m proud to be one of the partners, you could view some of my work on the journal here, here, and here. Often, it could just be one or two things that you might not do at the moment that will make a world of difference! For mega volume:  Redken Guts 10 Spray Foam – Spray the mousse directly on your roots, no mess = genius!
I hope that this inspires you to look through your existing tools, and possibly invest in a few new ones to make your life easier.
Some of you might already know that apart from doing make-up and hair for shoots and weddings, I’m also a fully qualified hairstylist and colourist!
Whether you’ve been toying with the ombre trend, been a devoted bleach bunny, or dappled with pastel tones, you probably have noticed how your hair has started to become a bit brittle.
You could also get a protein overdose, so alternate with a moisturising treatment to get the balance right.
Kerastase Forcintense treatment – a strengthening rinse out treatment that also protects your hair from future breakage.

Pureology Essential Repair Split End Correcting Treatment – a gorgeous smelling leave-in treatment to help counteract split ends. Redken Blonde Glam Perfect Platinum – for girls on the go, this products has a bit of violet pigment in to counteract brassy tones, whilst leaving your hair soft and supple. Last week I got asked to do a last minute booking – super stylist Joey Bevan needed a hairstylist for a major relaunch for international make-up brand, Kryolan. The event was held at the Chemistry Centre in Burlington House, which tied in perfectly with Kryolan’s strap line, Make-up is a Science. The launch had 6 key looks, using Kryolan’s amazing products, and the make-up looks were truly extraordinary!
Unfortunately I didn’t get a good picture of the special fx models, but you could have a look at the inspiration here. I’ve been using Kryolan since I’ve starting playing with make-up, and I was so excited to hear that they have revamped the range!! Eye Shadow Primer:  A tiny drop blended across your lids is all you need for eyeshadow to stay put, without any creasing.
All of these products will be available at the new look Charles Fox in Covent Garden, London. The weather in London has started to turn gloomy, so I thought what better way to spruce up a dark winter’s day than some colourful hair accessories? This tutorial is so ridiculously easy, and it’s a quick and cheap way of changing things up a bit. I’m happy to announce that selected work from the Wonderland series will be exhibited at three venues in the near future!! I do have to stress that this is not the final Wonderland exhibition, and that as soon as we’ve finished with the entire series, it will be exhibited as a whole.
This will be Kirsty’s first solo exhibition, and selected Wonderland pieces will be on show. Kirsty have been selected as 1 of 16 international artists to be showcased at the Ulsan International Photography Festival in Korea. I would definitely urge you to see the works in print, that way you could appreciate the  true detail that has gone into each and every picture. Earlier this year, I had the opportunity of styling and doing the makeup for a teen shoot with a beautiful young woman named Maddie. Speaking of peeling, Ia€™ve been working with my friends Chris and Lynn of Chris+Lynn Photographers (two of my favorite photographers!!) on some pretty hot boudoir shoots that Ia€™m so excited to share with you all. This makeup session will get you ready for your close upa€¦Ita€™s simple, ita€™s convenient and ita€™s loads of fun!

One inch, two inches, three inches or morea€¦update your hairstyle with a fresh, modern hair cut to suit your face shape. The classic bob never goes out of style and although it varies in length and texture, this cut looks fabulous on everyone. Luxurious, shiny and healthy; long hair has always been and continues to be every womana€™s fantasy. Start the season off at the top and visit me at the Holts Salon and Spa, located in the heart of downtown Vancouver at 737 Dunsmuir Street. If youa€™ve never heard of Jo Malone, I suggest you head to the nearest department store fragrance counter and check it out for yourself. Here's a sneak peek of "The W Ultimate Expert Challenge - Season 2" shot last month in Toronto. Check out the second elimination round of "The W Ultimate Expert Challenge - Season 2" by clicking the link below.
Limit hair breakage by using your hairdryer on a lower setting, avoid overusing heated tools. This could range from being slightly dry, to completely snapping off (what we refer to as a chemical cut!)  Obviously you would like to try to avoid any breakage and damage, so I would like to share a few tips and tricks! If you’d like to maintain your length, let the stylist know, but also know that if you have damaged ends, you will need to have a good trim.
You see, purple is exact opposite of yellow on the color wheel, which is why it cools the brassy tones down.
Balayage is French for sweeping, and in recent years a lot of our brunette sisters have been using this technique to subtly brighten their ends of the hair by freehand painting. After months and months of hard work, her efforts has paid off, and Love Scarlett was born. It’s so important to have a good relationship with your stylist, so make sure that you’re both on the same page!
It was an all day shoot and I had the great pleasure of working two fabulous photographers.
As a side note – loads of Pinterest hair pictures have been digitally altered and does not look like that in real life.

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