New Natural Mineral Concentrate From the Sea, Rich in FOOD IODINE, Building Up Weak, Rundown Men and Women Everywhere. First, its rich supply of easily assimilable minerals nourish the digestive glands, which produce the juices that alone enable you to digest the fats and starches, the weight-making elements in your daily diet. Try Kelp-a-Malt for a single week and notice the difference how much better you sleep, how firm flesh appears in place of scrawny hollows” and the new energy and strength it brings you!
Though Coca Cola and McDonalds have been far more effective than Kelp-A-Malt or Fleischmann’s Yeast ever could have dreamed.

Second, Kelp-a-Malt provides an amazingly effective digestive substance which actually digests 4 times its own weight of the flesh-building foods you eat. Prescribed and used by physicians, Kelp-a-Malt is fine for children, tooA  improves their appetites.
Third, Kelp-a-Malt’s natural FOOD IODINE stimulates and nourishes the internal glands which control assimilation the process of converting digested food into firm flesh, new strength and energy. If your dealer has not yet received his supply, send $1.00 for special introductory size bottle of 65 tablets to address below.

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